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Gemini : Pick Both Sides Of My Brain

Sign of Gemini is perhaps sign that usually gets most hatred around astrology lover communities. Some because of bad relationship experiences, while others can’t stand their curious chatty nature that never leaves shallow, light and airy environment.


This sign is airy, mutable and oscilating betweet male and female, but it’s usually considered male. 

This airy and light people enjoy a good conversation and are usually very open to meeting new people and share and exchange new information.

It was always connected to sellers, traders but also connected to frauds and tricksters. After all even the god Hermes himself did some trickster things in his very early life. This doesn’t necessarly generalize these people as cheaters and frauds, but more in a playful way these people rarely act emotional. Rather, their minds are their weapons and depending on their Mercury placements, their mission will be different.

This sign just goes out from classification of male-female, good-bad, light-dark…since god Hermes had right to enter both physical and non-physical world, and to touch underworld and heaven. Since our mind is capable of travelling to both places, yet safely return to sound of saftey.

There is much mental tension in this sign, so they can suffer from headaches and nervous system problems and even develop some problems if they don’t learn how to filter information.

“Gemini” taken from Book of Hours, Italy, ca.1473 , MS G.14 (fol. 7V) (The Morgan Library and Museum)



Mind duality can make these people seem two-faced but just as everything is dual, so is this. Hermetic studies and Hermeticism in general applies rules of duality in this world, reminding us some of the most important Hermes lessons. Of course these lessons are from Hermes Trismegistus, not a yung n stoopid Hermes.

The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows:


These Seven Principles will be discussed and explained as we proceed with these lessons. A short explanation of each, however, may as well be given at this point.


“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” — The Kybalion.


“As above, so below; as below so above.” — The Kybalion.


“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” — The Kybalion.


“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” — The Kybalion.


“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” — The Kybalion.


“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” — The Kybalion.


“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.” — The Kybalion

One myth comes from Greece, and of course story is about twins Castor and Pollux. One brother, Castor was mortal and other brother wasn’t. When Castor got killed, Pollux asked Zeus to share his immortality with his brother and that way they won their place in the sky- in constellation of Gemini. They were often shown near sea, and horses and were known as protectors of sailors.  .

Castor y Pollux, 1922 - Roger de La Fresnaye:
Castor y Pollux, 1922, Roger de la Frasnaye


This sign is one of the most mutale sign and is much different from other ones. There is a similar case where in real twins there is a huge difference in behavior between two yet very tight connction.

This sign processes information, here we connect what has been manifested and we wonder, and trying to figure out things. As a Mercury ruled sign these people can have high intelect, but that also depends on a degree of consciousness since this sign really requires to learn how to properly use our minds that constantly work, think and experiences thoughts.

If you have dominant Gemini in your chart, you’re probably lucky because you’re avoiding all the unnecessarily drama in your life. You’re more like in kinder-garten or school since you have that childish playfulness in yourself.

If Gemini did hurt you, it probably wasn’t even aware of that since everything is so dual to them. Two jobs, two careers, two relationships (not in every case). Gemini is just dealing with one phone call, finishing another one and trying to make another call for another meeting. Multi-tasking at it’s best, although he could really use some opposite such as Sagittarius to look into a bigger picture and give all those informations a higher purpose then just collect them in sheets of their head. But Gemini could also learn from their Mercury sister- Virgo and analyise all those informations that enter and exit their heads on daily basis and also show them how except mind, body is important too.

Yuan Wenbin:
Artwork by: Juan Wenbin



Maybe one day, if their mind only lets them do it. This sign can think fast, especially if chart ruler Mercury is connected to fast planet Mars. Gemini is also good with their hands and arms, to which this sign is also connected. They can make a great public speakers and debators, and writers, speakers, rappers and rhyme writers. Anything fun enough that can keep their minds busy, anyway. But no deep things please!

This sign can also have lots of friends in different or same sex and keep it on a friendship level, even if they had something above friendship with you. Even though Gemini likes flirting, in most cases they will not cheat on the person they’re with. They may fantasise about it, but in most cases these kids will not have that courage or wish to do something serious. But they will secretly laugh at your jealousy and carry home another trick succesfully done. Oh and forget about arguing, you can debate with Gemini, but you can’t argue with this sign.


So where is all the nagativity?

Negative characteristics of this sign are normal just as any other sign. They can have lots of trouble with makin decisions, and it can make some problems to them. “Maybe, es and no at the same time and perhaps” are often heard so sometimes they connect with Libras on this issue. They can tell many stories and tales and waste their energy on things that are not even that important. They can act shallow and be exploded all all sides, or just like a social butterfly fly from one fun thing to another, never taking a deep connection steps in intimate relationships which bothers them, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Since this sign is pretty mental, there can be some mental problems and problems with nervous tensions. Depression is also linked to this, especially with Moon in Pisces or Moon in Capricorn. Moon in Pisces will not be able to tap into their feelings and relaize why exactly they feel sad unless they practice meditation and relaxation techniques to devid their own feelings from feelings of whole world.

They can act distant and cold which is probably why most of the astrology people “hate” Gemini, even more than Scorpio.

Key is to discover and unite your inner duality, and sometimes let the inner child aside while having a grown people conversation.

Aratus Solensis, 1600, Hug. Grotii Syntagma Arateorum.  Gemini.    Look up this site for many more images from the same book:
Gemini, Aratus Solensis, 1600. ,


Famous people born in the sign of Gemini:

SUN: Marilyn Monroe,John Addey,Alida Valli,Hans J.Anderson,Michel Arth,Elias Ashmole,Naomi Campbell,Clint Eastwood,Amalie Dietrich,Jeffrey Dahmer,Marquis De Sade,Boy George,blizanke Olsen,Gladys Knight,Peggy Lee,Alanis Morissette,Prince,Nancy Sinatra,Andrew Forsyth…

MOON: Pietro Pacciani,Guilaume Bigourdan,John Addey,Benito Mussolini,Garreth Knight,Zoe Wells,David Tibet,Gemma Galgani,Gottfried Angeli,Jim Carrey,George Carlin,Jessica Biel,Jackie Chan,Bette Davis,Roy Orbison,Tina Turner,Nancy Spungen

ASCENDANT/RISING SIGN: David Heffgott,Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh,Pietro Pacciani,George Bernard Shaw,Dražen Petrović,Alida Valli,Zoe Wells,Pamela Anderson,Christina Applegate,Jackie Chan,E.E.Cummings,Anthony Magoni,Dr.Dre,Billy Idol,Lady Gaga,Ricky Martin

                                                   Third House In Astrology (Goddess)

This house describes our day-to-day mind working and also describes our communication. Something we think about on daily basis.

It also describes our borthers and sisters and our relationships with them and our cousins and neighbors, mailmen…

It will also speak of short trips, and routine trips such as taking a bus to school. It also speaks of our early and basic education and our alternative religion. Our way of talking and our entrence into the world with our start of communication.

It can describe things that occupy our mind, so for example third house cusp in Scorpio may think of very dark taboo things on daily basis. In Sagittarius we have deep phylosopical themes and even more themes to travelling.



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