Ascendant decans and their faces: T A U R U S

Faces of people born with Taurus rising and all the decans in it.

Taurus decan 1 from 0 degree Taurus to 10 degree Taurus rising

Image result for amelia earhart
Amelia Earhart,  (03° Taurus 31′)
Image result for charles bukowski young
Charles Bukowski, (07° Taurus 06′)
Image result for boy george black and white
Boy George,   (03° Taurus 19′)
Image result for snoop dogg black and white
Snoop Dogg, (00° Taurus 45′)

Taurus decan 2, from 10 degree Taurus to 20 degree Taurus rising

Image result for queen latifah black and white
Queen Latifah, (13° Taurus 42′)
Image result for beau brummell
Beau Brummell, (18° Taurus 47′)
Image result for jeanne moreau
Jean Moreu, (14° Taurus 32′)


Taurus decan 3, from 20 degree Taurus to 30 degree Taurus rising

Image result for elias ashmole
Elias Ashmole,  (20° Taurus 18′)


Image result for angela davis black and white
Angela Davis, (23° Taurus 50′)
Image result for rene allendy
Rene Allendy (25 Taurus 13)


Image result for carlos santana young
Carlos Santana, (22° Taurus 08′)
Image result for christiaan barnard
Cristiaan Barnard,  (28° Taurus 44′)
Image result for mae west
Mae West, (25° Taurus 05′)


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