Ascendant decans and their faces, literally: A R I E S

Here are the faces of people with Aries ascendant and their decans. Pictures speak more than thousand words.


Aries decan 1 rising, from 0 degree Aries to 10 degrees Aries

Image result for films joan collins
Joan Collins, (00°Aries 05′)
Image result for samuel liddell
Samuel Liddell, occultist (05° Aries 37′)
Image result for barbra streisand black and white
Barbra Streisand, actress (08° Aries 22′)
Image result for heather locklear black and white
Heather Locklear, actress (02° Aries 08′)


Aries decan 2 rising, from 10 Aries to 20 Aries

Image result for amy fisher
Amy Fisher, (13 Aries 30′)
Image result for james dean
James Dean, (12° Aries 13′)
Image result for louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong (18° Aries 36′)
Image result for heath ledger black and white
Heath Ledger,  (12° Aries 51′)
Image result for helena roerich
Helena Roerich,  (14° Aries 43′)


Aries decan 3, from 20 Aries to 30 Aries

Image result for penelope cruz black and white
Penelope Cruz,  (28° Aries 47′)
Image result for shaquille o'neal black and white
Shaquille O’Neal,  (25° Aries 45′)



Image result for charles jaynes
Charles Jaynes,  (25° Aries 34′)
Image result for natalia correia
Natalia Correia,(29° Aries 42′)
Image result for phil andros
Phil Andros/Sam Steward, (29° Aries 10′)
















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