Ascendant decans and their faces, literally: L I B R A

Libra decan 1, from 0 degree Libra to 10 degree Libra rising

Image result for anais nin
Anais Nin, writer (04° Libra 57′)
Image result for leonardo dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor (03° Libra 07′)
Image result for yoko ono
Yoko Ono, artist (08° Libra 30′)
Image result for colette
Colette, writer, artist and a mime  (06°Libra 03′)
Image result for rudolph valentino
Rudolph Valentino, actor (00° Libra 53′)
Image result for aishwarya rai
Aishwarya Rai, actress (03° Libra 40′)
Image result for dora maar
Dora Maar, artist and Pablo Picasso muse (05° Libra 24′)
Image result for gloria de haven
Gloria deHaven, actress (02° Libra 17′)
Image result for david icke
David Icke, ex soccer coach, famous conspiracy theorist (07° Libra 06′)



Libra decan 2, from 10 degree Libra to 20 degree Libra rising

Image result for erich fromm
Erich Fromm, writer (12° Libra 09′)
Image result for neil diamond
Neil Diamond,  musician (16° Libra 46′)
Image result for jeffrey dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer, rapist, serial killer (19° Libra 26′)
Image result for jon bon jovi
Jon Bon Jovi, musician (17° Libra 44′)
Image result for george clinton
George Clinton, musician (19° Libra 26′)
Image result for alice cooper
Alice Cooper, musician (11° Libra 15′)
Image result for donna fargo
Donna Fargo, musician (17° Libra 31′)
Image result for john hazelrigg
John Hazelrigg, astrologer and alchemist (12° Libra 43′)
Image result for robert blake
Robert Blake, actor (16° Libra 04′)
Image result for dennis nilsen
Dennis Andrew Nilsen, serial killer (19° Libra 11′)


Libra decan 3, from 20 degree Libra to 30 degree Libra rising


Image result for courtney love
Courtney Love, musician (26° Libra 20′)
Image result for katy perry
Katy Perry, musician (28° Libra 34′)
Image result for frank sinatra
Frank Sinatra, musician (28° Libra 22′)


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