Ascendant decans and their faces, literally: S A G I T T A R I U S

Sagittarius decan 1, from 0 degree Aquarius to 30 degree Aquarius

Image result for kenneth anger
Kenneth Anger, director, actor, artist (00° Sagittarius 33′)
Image result for john dee
John Dee, occultist (03° Sagittarius 57′)
Image result for emile zola
Emile Zola, writer, painter (02° Sagittarius 43′)
Image result for gareth knight
Garreth Knight, occultist, author (03° Sagittarius 58′)
Image result for jessica biel
Jessica Biel, actress (00° Sagittarius 48′)
Image result for marlon brando
Marlon Brando, actor (03° Sagittarius 43′)
Image result for marvin gaye
Marvin Gaye, musician (00° Sagittarius 47′)
Image result for jascha heifetz
Jascha Heifetz, violinist  (01° Sagittarius 16′)
Image result for hayley mills
Hayley Mills, actress (08° Sagittarius 04′)


Sagittarius decan 2, from 10 Sagittarius to 20 degree Sagittarius rising

Image result for edward kelley
Edward Kelley, occultist (18° Sagittarius 22′)
Image result for george grosz
George Grosz, caricaturist  (16° Sagittarius 03′)
Image result for dane rudhyar
Dane Rudhyar, astrologer (13° Sagittarius 50′)
Image result for david carpenter
David Carpenter, serial killer (13° Sagittarius 37′)
Image result for elton john
Elton John, musician (15° Sagittarius 41′)
Image result for gladys knight
Gladys Knight, musician (10° Sagittarius 53′)
Image result for Elvis presley
Elvis Presley, musician (12° Sagittarius 21′)
Image result for patti smith
Patti Smith, musician (19° Sagittarius 28′)


Sagittarius decan 3, from 20 degree Sagittarius to 30 degree Sagittarius rising


Image result for stanislav grof
Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist (20° Sagittarius 51′)
Image result for sepharial
Serpharial, astrologer (23° Sagittarius 45′)
Image result for danny devito
Danny deVito, actor (26° Sagittarius 21′)




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