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Moon symbolism: all that Moon is

There is no one on this Earth who has not felt the effect of the Moon on their skin or around them.

This mysterious object, one of the luminaries (lights we can see the brightest) is our natural satelite. Moons mysterious movements and looks have been inspiration for the earliest astrologers, inspiration for art, romance but apparently inspiration for higher crime rate as some people feel disturbed by the Full Moon.

Just recently scientist linked super moon effect to earthquakes and tsunamis,something astrologers knew for centuries.

Moon in astrology is primarily linked to mother and feminine, but it’s also linked to people, popularity, inner emotions and such.

Below we will see lots of symbols related to Moon.

Kitty Moon, #cat, #kitty, #moon:

Quick astrology info

Moon is the only ruler of a sign Cancer.

Moon has its exaltation in the sign of Taurus.

Moon has its detirmination in the sign of Capricorn.

Moon has its fall in Scorpio.

'Moon Madness' by Alexandre Rzewuski Golden Age illustrator:
‘Moon Madness’ by Alexandre Rzewuski


Moon symbols

Mother. Womb. Pregnant women. Eve. Passive. Receptive. Intuition. Inner emotions. Diana. Arthemis. Home. Past. Memories of home. Nostalgia for home. Place where we feel at home. How do we feel about our mother (female role that played mother) + aspects. Selena. Hecate. Defense. Acceptance. Feelings that tell us what and how to do something. Feelings as a result of a reaction. Breasts. Chest. Chest in the sky. Family past. Personal past. Memory connected to unconsciouss. Early childhood. Emotions we were born with: sadness, fear, anger and happiness. How we see our mother. How child looks at mother. Our own reality. Silver. Chances. New and old chapters. Our personal book of emotions. Ancestors. Comfort. Mothership. Taking care of someone. Taking care of ourselves.

Diana and Endymion - Michel-François Dandre-Bardon:
‘Diana & Endymion’ by Michel-Francois Dandre Bardon

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