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Learning time: Astrological houses

Astrological houses are somewhat like stations where planets move, they describe certain themes as parts of natus life.


First house 

Correspodents to the sign of Aries, therefore it has cardinal nature and it’s one of the most important houses in the whole chart. It’s because first house is naturally known as Ascendant ; rising sign we’re born with.

It’s known at latin name “Vita” which means life. And it represents ourselves, mask we wear to protect ourselves from others. This house and it’s rulers and aspects also determine physical appearance and first impressions we make on other people.

Also this house will describe our young life and our childhood infuluences. Some say this house represents our ego which could be the case, but this is the main house of the mask we wear infront of others to protect ourselves from their bad influences.

It’s a house where we take intitiative and also start new things. This is a house where things happen.


Second house

Known as ‘house of Taurus‘ it describes all the things we value, and things that belong to us, as material possesions. Such as our house, car, computer, watch etc. In the past it was known as ‘house of money‘ , even it’s latin name Lucrum means wealth. This is also house of property, but also house of sensuality, cultivation and growth and self-worth.

I think this is also house of all material, such as nature as well and our look on nature, and renewal after destruction (8th house).

Third house

House of Gemini. House of our siblings, cousins, our older brothers and sisters. This is the house of short travels and our immidiate surroundings.  It also describes our early education.

This house also describes our childhood enviroment and surroundings, it describes how early education went, if there was any break-ups or great things going on in that period. It’s latin name Fratres means brothers. It also desribes communication, speach, writing, happiness, intelligence, mind, mental education and efforts.

This house also rules transportation and drivers.

Fourth house

House where the sign Cancer is naturally. House of our family past, our ancestors and past karma. Memories of our family, memories of past. A place where we want to feel safe and nurtured, place where we nurture and care for others. House of pregnancy.

House of mother, or mother figures in our childhood, eventhough sometimes it can represent father (it depends on the chart). It describes our roots and heritage, but it also represent sort of an end.

This is the house where we leave something after dying.

This being the water and cardinal house is the house of spirits and paranormal, especially ancestors.

Fifth house

House of Leo. House of joy, pleasure, sex and fun. House of hobbies and creativity, house of acting and drama, but also house of children. Sports and recreation, house of games and gambling.

Also this is house of love and romance. Different one from seventh house marriage, because here we’re more about having fun than having an equal relationship such as in seventh house.

Latin name for this house was Nati which meant children and it was known as the house of pleasure.

Sixth house

Latin name for this house was Valetudo which meant health and this was the primary meaning of this house in the past. Naturally signified by the sign of mutable earth – Virgo this house represented our health and our body, and also diseases that harmed our body (not chronical).

This is also known as the house of routines and rituals, things we repeat every day, and also house of skills and jobs we aquire. This is also a house where we serve other people, and it shows how we serve them.

It also describes people that are below us, house of caretakers and house of our pets and small animals (horse is not small for example).

Seventh house

Seventh house is naturally signified by the sign of cardinal airLibra and it describes are one on one, equal partnerships where we make fair connections to others.

Legal partnerships such as marriage or business can be found here. Matters dealing legal things can also be found here, also this is the house of our open enemies.

This is the house of reflection, reflecting our ascendent and it’s the most projecting house. Also one of the important angular houses.

Eight house

This is the least constructive house to talk about. It’s signified by the sign of Scorpio and it’s latin name in the past was Mors which meant death and so it was the primary meaning of this house – house of death and reincarnation (later).

This house is concerned with deep connection to others, and values we recieve from others; such as money or favors. It describes cycles of death and rebirth, also sexual relationships with others and deeply connecting to someone on the very intimate level.

This is the house where Ego must die.

House of joint funds, finances, resource of other people, occult powers, paranormal experiences, entities and ghosts but primary shows death.

Ninth house

Ninth house is signified by mutable fire, sign of Sagittarius and it has been known in the past as the house of philosophy, but primary known as house of travel.

It’s concerned with God, our outlook on God and meaning of God in our life. But primary it shows spiritual concerns and our life philosophy, where we feel optimistic about our visions and where we can travel very far, that be on real physical travels or mental travels.

It shows foreign cultures, foreign languages and foreign things. Different races, ethnicities, and different looks on life. Where somewhere else feels like home.

Adventure, knowledge, philosophy, moral, ethics, higher knowledge. Libraries, faculties, colledge, professors. Experince through expansion.

It’s latin name is Iter which means journies.

Tenth house

Tenth house of Capricorn is also known by her latin name Regnum, meaning kingdom is the house that has a point called Medium Coeli which is the top of the sky, a point of highest attainment. It is also known as house of social status.

Ambitions, motivations, career. House where we build slowly up to the top where we can rise and shine. This is known as the house of government, leading positions, presidents, but also house of father, our our father figure. It’s also very connected to the fourth house of family since our past and immidiate childhood makes much more connections to how we express ourselves in public like in this house.

Eleventh house

This is house signified by Aquarius, fixed air sign and it’s known by it’s latin name Benefacta meaning friendship. So it’s primary meaning was friendship.

Other meanings than friendship include hopes and dreams, organisations, group projects with other people. Also groups, clubs and societies. This is where we find fortunes from our careeer and also benefits from it. This is where pension comes after tenth house.

Twelfth house

Known by the latin name Carcer meaning prison this is the house signified by the sign of mutable water, Pisces . Here lie our hidden strength and weaknesses, but also our hidden talents and our hidden enemies.

Isolated places such as hospitals, jails, prisons and institutions but also mystery and mystical experiences. House of astral travels and dreams , things that are apparent to others but not very clear to us. Place where we feel confused, sometimes afraid.

House of poisons, magic, and mystic. Place of privacy and retreat. Place of isolation and self-sacrifice.




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