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Sky report January 2017: I hope you like surfing because here comes that wave

It’s not been a long time ago when we rode waves of pain and learning in November, and just when we got a chance to recover and rejuvenate, new wave is approaching and we better be ready to face it.

Lots of things has changed. Sun entered Aquarius, Venus in exalted in Pisces but conjoined with Mars in the same sign. Both are heavily squaring Saturn so it seems we’re going to be occupied with relationships yet again.

As we speak of relationships, it’s good to keep in mind that we’re not only speaking of love relationships. Saturn simply puts everything on hold, business, love, friendship and all the things that deal with Venus and Mars; from luxury and art, to sex and energy.

It’s winter time so it’s no wonder that immunity is low, but special caution is needed when Mars is in Pisces. It’s easy to over-do in medicine, drugs, alcohol and other drugs such as illusion or self-sacrifice.


Picture of sky at the moment is alarming to those who are ready to sit down and think. Sky simbols are not else but symbols that represent what is happening inside. Such known as micocosmos-macrocosmos relationship.

A T-square involving Mercury and Pluto with Jupiter and Uranus are giving us excelent chance to really think and act in changes. Our mind seems to be restless, intense, and prone to shocking thoughts and informations. Mundane wise, this calls for a caution everything involving traffic, transport, leaderships, and ruling ones.

Something in the world is cooking, and soup is so hot we will probably find out when Venus and Mars go into Aries.

Moon is conjunct Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Such a yearn from freedom with sad and depressed thoughts when we deal with real world, real 3D world that gives no space to move because there are bills to pay, job to do, kids to feed and so on.

That is Saturn. Saturn are all the responsibilities we put a side, and get smacked by the same responsibilities we excluded in the past.

Every time I think of Saturn, I think of old boss at work that is counting my hours and thinking, testing my worth. How much I do, how much I show, how much I spend that’s how much I will get at the end.

There is so many aspects going on at the moment, so I will try to sort them by groups. We have Neptune conjunct South moon node, reminding us again about the illusion we’re so used to. Illusion of time, money, daily life. Neptune is where we escape from being victims, but it’s so foggy there and uncertain we usually end up being victims again.

South node always brings us back in past, bringing up people we met in the past, lies we said in past are being flushed in front of our eyes. Every time we acted weak, now it’s high-lightened.

If Mars is iron sword, can you imagine what water does to it? Makes it rusty, makes it not usable for war and cutting which is energy of Mars. So there is no place for agressivness, fights and wars.

We’re asked to approach the problem with soft attitude, empathy, compassion and forgiveness and with so many planets in Pisces at the moment: Venus, Chiron, Mars and Neptune we’re having a chance to really let go and forgive.

Sign of Pisces reminds us of weaknesses and pain (especially with Chiron involved) that we carry in ourselves, but we’re quick to judge it when we recognize them in others.

The key is to recognize, tolerate and LET go!

Happy surfing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow with new Vox Populi, vox Dei where I spoke to young artist Vita Larvo about art series of ‘Venus in Scorpio’.

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