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What astrology can and cannot do

If you like astrology, and want to find out more there are some things you need to know right away. Astrology is not magic. Astrology is a discipline that has been going on for centuries and centuries and has been misused millions of times, especially in this age.

Nowadays we have millions of astrologers; on YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook. It almost seems like everyone can do it. Even the terrible mathematics don’t even seem that big of a deal anymore. Traditional astrologers battling modern astrologers, confusion rising between sideral and tropical astrology and nobody seems to know what the hell is going on anymore. So which astrology is right and which astrology is wrong? Well, neither and both.

Sideral astrology

You will often hear sideral astrology in talks. What does it mean? It means that sideral astrology is not following cardinal signs as start of spring, summer, winter and autumn. Sideral astrology is following correct star placements and it’s turned more to Moon story, moon nodes (Rahu, Ketu). So internal story becomes more important. Sideral astrology also deals with stories of past life, this life, and next life. And if you’re ever in India, you can also find out the date of your death in past and this incarnation. That’s if, you want to know that. I think none of the western astrologers will ever answer you this question, because of certain ethic code they apply to. We westerners are very taboo about death and dying. Or should I say afraid.

Tropical astrology

It’s all about cardinal signs : Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It follows Suns journey though zodiac belt. Fixed stars and constellations are still included but they’re not on the same degree such as in sideral astrology and now we have a problem with thinking which one is correct.

Tropical astrology follows the Suns hero story and it’s more Sun (ego) based than Moon based (hidden, internal). Then we have traditional tropical astrology, such as from Hellenistic and older times, and we have modern tropical astrology such as psychological or Uranian astrology.  It can all get a bit confusing.

Povezana slika

So now that I’ve cast my chart, what am I supposed to do?

When you have your natal chart casted, you should look at your signs; which signs are domineering, what houses are filled, which houses are not, look at the aspects, are they separating or applying? Look at dignities of planets, how are they standing, look at rulers and dispositors.

You can also list elements and qualities for each planet. Sun, Moon and ASC get 4 points, Mercury, Venus and Mars 3 points, Jupiter, Saturn, MC 2 points, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto 1 point. This is important so you can count your signature and antisignature. 


Elements & Qualities : 

Sun- Virgo (mutable Earth) – 4 , Moon- Cancer (cardinal Water) – 4, ASC- Pisces- 4 (mutable Water)

Mercury – Virgo (mutable Earth)-3, Venus- Leo (fixed Fire) -3 ,Mars- Scorpio (fixed Water)- 3

Jupiter – Scorpio (fixed Water)-2 , Saturn- Pisces (mutable Water)- 2, MC- Capricorn (cardinal Earth)-2

Uranus- Capricorn (cardinal Earth)- 1, Neptune- Capricorn (cardinal  Earth) -1 , Pluto- Scorpio (fixed Water) – 1

Now to do some math:

Earth total= 11, Water total= 16, Fire total: 3, Air total: 0

Mutable: 13, Cardinal: 8, Fixed: 9

SIGNATURE (most points): Mutable Water = PISCES

ANTI SIGNATURE (least points) : Cardinal Air = LIBRA

So now when you have all that, you can see what energies are dominant in your chart, and which ones are not. But be careful, just because element is lacking it doesn’t mean it won’t show, it may show even more. Or person will surround themselves with element they’re missing.

Can astrology help me get better?

Yes and no. Astrology is tricky in the way it can make you look up something EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And that’s bad, it means that all the time we could spend on actually working on ourselves, we fell into trap of constantly looking up horoscopes online and trying to find more and more to do. I get really annoyed as an astrologers when people send me charts where it’s almost impossible to see anything because everything is turned on, from main points, to asteroids to hypothetical bodies in the sky, that even astrologers or astronomers don’t know what it means, and it creates a trap called illusion.

As in secret gnostic circles people say: “Know Thyself!” this also works in astrology. Knowing yourself can help you achieve what’s ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU. 

Astrology can’t help you leave your abusive husband, that is your choice. And real astrologer won’t tell you to leave someone, but it can tell you there is certain dangers. Such as violence, or deceiving, or you can ask horary astrology where the hell did you leave your keys.

Astrology won’t make your emotional baggage magically disappears because you found out you had Moon/Saturn aspects. Astrology made you aware of certain issue that has been there always. It’s your turn to do some work, internally so you can send it outside and help others.


See you soon when we talk about Solar eclipse on February 26th!

Written on Mars day, and Mars hour.


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