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“Pisces the fishes” in words of Steven and Jodie Forrest

Quote taken from their book : Skymates, astrology of love, sex and intimacy

PISCES THE FISHES (February 20th – March 20th)
Starsailor by Catrin Welz-Stein


The Mystic
The Dreamer
The Poet
The Seer
The Romantic
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. In a sense it’s the highest sign-although a far more practical way of expressing it is to say that Pisces the states are the highest. We win big or lose big. This is the sign of the “great escape”. Not an escape from the world so much as from tyranny of our own self-aggradndizing egos.
In the fishes we become aware of the fact that ultimately we are the consciousness that oberves the personality and expresses players in a vast drama. And from that perspective our “normal” preoccupations with success and failure, gain and loss, pride and humiliation, all become unspeakably, inexpressibly funny.
This distinctly Piscean humor is not biting or cynical. There is not a drop of sarcasm in it. If anything, it fills the heart with compassion as well as giggles. Ultimately it is difficult to describe the Piscean developmental aim without drifting into mystical, religious language. That is simply the file in the great human card catalog where we’ve traditionally stored our information about the Fishes’ experience.
The Piscean aim? In a word, it’s self-transcendence.
Artwork by Julia Blattman
To attain the Piscean goal, we must experience ourselves as something more than our name, rank and serial number. We must go beyond part of ourselves that has a role to play in the human melodrama. We can call this process “meditation”. That’s a perfectly good word, except that society has put a lot of salad dressing on it. Here, when we speak of meditation, we do not mean to imply any particular “spiritual ” lifestyle. No metaphysics. No sociology. Just the raw, uninterpreted process of cosciousness becoming aware of itself. That’s meditation – and that’s also the central Piscean evolutionary strategy.
How does it work? Anyone can mediate. You don’t even have to be “a Pisces”. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and watch for the silent spaces in between your thoughts. Pop!-meditation. Nothing to it. The trick lies in learning to string those silent spaces together until they form a long, unbroken chains of pure awareness. If Pisces succeeds in accomplishing that, then the individual begins to actually experience himself or herself as consciousness-just as if one plays basketball constantly, one soon learns to experience himself as a set of physical reflexes.
Karolis Strautniekas
Pisces can misread this inner urge for self-transcendence or misunderstood how to go about it. The sign then descends in mere escapism. Old-fashioned astrology books are full of injunctions about the dangers of drink. Nowdays, we must add the abuse of drugs, television, food, sex sleep, novels, work, music, activism and religion. Virtually anything we enjoy can be used in an escapist way. The point is not to avoid pleasure, but rather to avoid the Piscean tendency to disappear into it.
There is profound tenderness in Pisces. For no other sign does the romantic ideal of “merging with one’s partner” seem so palpably real. The only kind of relationship that is likley to survive for the Fishes is one with a “spiritual” basis. We put word “spiritual” in quotation marks not to indicate any dubious feeling about these traditions, but rather to indicate that we must look carefully at the word. Like most cliches, it can slip from our tongues without really passing through our brains.
The Piscean Presbyterians might sit together in church, have profoundly Presbyterian experiences, and still not have a spiritual relationship. Why? Simply because their spirits are not relating. On the other hand, two atheists might sit together in silence before campfire and drift off into a meditational state “dreaming of fire”, as the Swahili people put it. They are dimly aware of each other’s presence, and appriciative that they can share this magical space without comment and without the threat of any intrusive idiot humor: “Earth to Jane! Come in please. We’ve lost your signal!” That’s a spiritual relationship. These spirits are touching. They have entered an “altered state of consiousness.” and still feel a sense of contact: Piscean paradise.
In intimacy Pisceans need to choose partners who are receptive to entering these transcendent states of mind. Whether or not their belif systems are in harmony or quite irrelevant. One can be a Presbyterian and the other one a Zen Buddhist. That doesn’t matter. What counts is the shared experience. Once they have found each other, then their bond must be fed with the kinds of input that quit walks on the beach or in the forest, perhaps experiences in churches, temples or formal meditation groups. Given all that, then the two lovers connected on the Piscean wavelenght, share something only the Fishes know: a sense of loving, dancing hilarity, a sense of the cosmic joke.
Taken from book “Skymates, Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy” by Steven & Jodie Forrest 

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