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For this weekend ahead of us I have pulled very interesting spread.
Rather positive one, which is telling that some good news are coming in your way.
This could especially mean if you worked hard, your effort will be paying off.
This week was, and a next few days could be kind a hard in communication with others, deep thoughts could reveal some questions that are very hard to answer, mostly because you will be very subjective and get to harsh on yourself.
In love matters and relationships you could get too skeptic and receive wrong messages from others around you.
Well, as I stated , this spread that I have pulled is still rather positive, regardless this mind games that are going on.
Cards suggest that if you have opportunity, go on a trip, travel somewhere this weekend, try to focus on a outside world, enjoy the moments that exterior has to offer.
It’s almost Spring, everything is waking up, so your conciseness and subconscious are waking up too, but sleep was long and tight, it s only naturally that you feel a bit confused and grumpy.
Nature, new sights, a little adventure could really lift you up, and help yourself get out of that winter coat which is getting too heavy.
It’s a period of change and try to welcome it by enjoying the world around you, in movement, in change that is happening right now.
This could be a rather great weekend if you follow this few advises- go out, have fun, take a long showers visualizing waterfalls, rivers, waves.
Drink a lots of water, unsweetened tea, take some vitamin boosts.
Try not to overthink, don’t read between the lines because it will not be good interpretation, you will kind a suck at that 🙂


Things will start to improve, but take your time, do not force anything even if that little voice in you starts to yell.
It’s time to adjust, to adapt.. Have fun, be with your partner and don’t seek for flaws, go on a little adventure, or hit the night on a town.
If you are single it is time to mingle 🙂
Go out with your friends, or some hiking in a larger group, focus on what you see, let yourself be amazed from the nature around you.
The best advice for everyone this weekend would be- have fun, give yourself a brake, indulge your senses, you deserve it 🙂
You could get a great herb for yourself and it’s called HAWTHORN
Hawthorn is a heart tonic and an expectorant. It promotes healthy blood circulation and helps with digestion and appetite.
Hawthorn can be used for all heart problems, as it brings balance into the blood pressure, and relives pain in the heart.
It will help you to wake up from this long winter sleep, and get you going!
Just try to get over yourself this weekend, do something trivial do not get too deep with your thoughts, cause there could be some mixed emotions which will get you in not realistic scenarios .

Ija Nazor


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