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Sky report: Healing & Building Firm Foundations In Relationships

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Venus turned retrograde, trining my Sun, Moon, South Node and eventually Mercury and left me without one thing I considered valuable – my internet connection.

It also gave me a chance to listen to some old audio courses from astrology and tarot so my time was not wasted at all. Many things happened, as we went through a strange time: Venus changing from detriment (Aries), to exaltation (Pisces), back to detriment and then back to exaltation. That’s like going through a slide, and something feels uncomfortable but you still go through slide, and eventually  gets better and it doesn’t feel that uncomfortable anymore. It feels super exciting and finally, a portal that connects our emotions with the world is opened.

While Venus spent time in Aries and retrograde, we had to re-learn how to find out inner bravery, how to start some things by ourselves and we all went through a stage in relationships we felt like we had to prove ourselves to something. Losing a sense of individuality, not starting things alone, and eventually losing ourselves completely in the other person, eventually again becoming a victim, for no purpose, just a habit.


That’s like going through a slide, and something feels uncomfortable but you still go through slide, and eventually  gets better and it doesn’t feel that uncomfortable anymore. It feels super exciting and finally, a portal that connects our emotions with the world is opened. ”


There is a one common problem with people that have Venus in Aries…they feel like they need to be the ones that are brave, independent, solitary in their work, active pioneers that make their work be something that will give them place for competition or a place where they can show and prove their independence. This could have been a common subject exchanged through relationships in this period.

This could be the case in our personal relationships where one person is more focused on themselves, constantly asking freedom from something with out being sure what exactly do they want, because their vision is not yet balanced, it is purely egotisical, and Ego has no place in love, especially not in Pisces. Pisces is where we let go, and we dance in love and sadness. Pisces is all of that.

sky report
Moon joined Saturn in squares to Venus and Chiron on same degree, Jupiter is still squared Pluto and we have a Triangle of learning formed. There is a big chance to completely change and get really valuable, perhaps even shocking relevations. KEEP your eyes open.


Are you worthy? Exams are here. Sit down, take your pen and paper and relax.

Both points that are concerned with our feelings, Venus and Moon are both touched by Saturn. Moon by conjunction, Venus by square. Lonliness, feelings of not being enough (not pretty enough, not expressing love and affection), delays, too little time and frustration building up. Especially in yearning for love and affection, for cuddling and feeling like someone should be taking care of you and they are not.

So I hope you are spending your time thinking about all this. Is it just a period, is it something that will pass, or are you seeing this persons face and behavior perhaps for the first time in relationship you are in, wether we are talking about love relationships or friendships not making anymore sense.

Slikovni rezultat za charlie chaplin quote

We are hurt (Ve/Ch) and it doesn’t really feel like something nice. Saturn was always connected to death, dying, separation, isolation with feelings of pessimism. Actually, it’s almost like we can feel what isn’t right, and the most important thing…we feel it’s actually us. All the walls and doubts we managed to build through time are finally coming out dressed in shadows, or other people, confirming our doubts of self-worth, putting restrictions on things we consider valuable, on our yearnings to feel safe and secure, to take care of somebody…are now being severly tested.

When Venus is in Pisces, attention we give and attention are recieve are mixed and numerous. While in Aries, Venus is focused on Me and own wishes. It’s the archetype of a strong person with many talents but still unbalanced to finish something. So other people end up finishing their projects, or love stories. Venus in Pisces is different because it’s not at the beginning, but the end, carrying all the possible experiences of Venus in other signs, making her the chameleon of the Venuses, being able to adopt to all kinds of different situations, understanding everybodies sense of value, forgiving everything, even wrongs that perhaps don’t deserve another forgiveness.
Venus in Pisces is empathetic and open. Sometimes the world seems just to sharp for people with Venus in Pisces dominant. Venus in Pisces squared by Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius brings us theme of finally catching up with demons and shadows. Negativity and doubts and fears, especially in the clash of heavens vs. earth, questioning religion and love, relationships and higher sense in them.


Criminals,magicians, bad boys and sex industry ?

Searching Solar Fire birth database for people with Venus squared Saturn some things seemed to be repeated constantly; female sex workers (Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross) , horror movie directors (such as Wes Craven) , magicians (Kenneth Anger, Edward Kelley) , actors that potrayed roles of criminals or mafia or simply took roles of “bad guys” in your favorite movies (such as Robert De Niro) but also a famous silent movie star Charles Chaplin and many singers, especially in country or traditional form of music.

This aspect may seem a little harsh on lovely and sensual Venus. Especially such receptive and completely open Venus in Pisces. Pisceans are dreamers and tend to often build up an illussion that gets shattered by Saturns harsh reality shower. Sometimes cases even go to the point where some women with Venus/Saturn aspects in their chart, especially squares can sacrifice themeselves so much for somebody who is playing a very negative role (restriction of freedom and expression, or maybe is a criminal, killers, drug lords, mafia bosses) and eventually end up becoming victims of love.

In this aspects we are asked to look at the situation realistically and to ask ourselves does our constant sacrifice make any sense at all, is it just a habbit where we’re afraid to leave because we feel “called” to take care of that person, and living in hope that maybe one day this person will be able to love me as much as I love him/her? There is a feeling of fear here, which is mostly Saturns area.

Slikovni rezultat za wes craven
Wes Craven, natal : Venus in Leo conjunct Pluto squaring Saturn conjunct South Node in Taurus.

Sun/Uranus really gives us now that chance, for a shocking, immidiate view into our own individuality, our uniqueness and asks us if we want to take the innitiative. If you’re in situation right now where you’re still here after you’ve been putting up with horrible relationship for some time, especially if you’ve suffered from abuse in relationship, wheter it be emotional or physical abuse it’s a time to ask yourself what exactly are you doing, for who, and why do you think you don’t deserve to walk away from what hurts you.

Relationships can only make sense if we’re making consciouss decisions. We give and give and ask for nothing in return but from time to time we feel like we’ve given too much and now there is nothing for us. Somehow through a way we took a role of responsible one, where we constantly sacrifice things we consider valuable to make the other person happy. This can be at work with boss, this could be situation in friendship where you’re constantly asked to post-pone something, just like in romantic relationships where you got so used to giving, and didn’t really recieve anything back because other person got used to you being always here and always ready to help and make them feel good, it’s that feeling you get that someone isn’t appriciating you enough but are also not really appriciating yourself and considering yourself love worthy. And also to release your creativity, as Saturn has nature to obstruct, restrict, always making our favorite excuse: “I don’t have that much time right now.”

In everyone some kind of artist is hiding. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, Pages 38-46:

Chiron with Venus reminds us this wound is old pattern, and it’s back on surfice so you wouldn’t get bored with transits.  Sometimes if someone doesn’t appriciate us and constantly has no time for us, we need to take initiative and be brave (what we learned while Venus was in Aries), and sometimes even understand the other person, understand the reality of the situation and leave.

Perhaps our absence changes that person. And if not, we are off to explore new possibilities of life (Sun/Uranus), but don’t think that running away is a solution. You will still meet your demons, anywhere and everywhere you go, until you deal with them. Saturn is that shadow, always here, always peeking.


Mars sextile to Venus, sexuality and sensuality 

Mars on 26th degree of Taurus on Sabian symbol “An old indian women selling beads.”  making an exact sextile to Venus on 26th Pisces “A harvest moon” are perhaps most important part of this whole problem. Both Mars, Venus, Moon and Saturn are connected even though Mars, Saturn and Moon are connected by aspect of 150° making that influence not so obvious at first. Oh, but you notice it right?

You know it very well, you know it by things your emotions make you say when you’re angry, you know it when you act like you “don’t even need that other person”, you know it every time you say “world would be better without me”, you know it everytime you needed love, but was too proud to ask for it. You know it every time you wanted to connected sexually but was afraid of love not being returned, afraid to be accepted for who you are. Afraid to relax, because you and me both know: you didn’t completely open up. And here we have that chance.

To open up and to share. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy of the whole universe. It’s energy of creation, energy of exchanging everything withut words being said. Some old teachings belived feeling of orgasm and feeling of dying have too much in common, and that those moments are only times we completely relax, where our Ego dies.

Both Mars and Venus are in fertile signs of Taurus and Pisces, which may leave some people with pregnancy and everything that goes with that change (Mars) and responsibilities (Saturn).

Only last thing to mention is to take care of your health and don’t indulge into too much sex, drugs and rock and roll. Saturn is not much of a rock and roll guy if you haven’t done your homework yet.  Sorry teenangers! 😦

Mars en Venus, Jacob Matham, Anonymous, Hendrick Goltzius, 1590 - 1640:
Mars & Venus, Jacob Matham, Anonymous, Henrick Goltzius, 1590-1640 (Source: Pinterest)


Expression through art

Let’s not forget Venus is art, not only that, she is also in Pisces, sign of her exaltation. Sign of inspiration and imagination, dance, poetry, painting, photography and video, sign that sees things easily that others cannot. This Venus loves everybody equally, sees artist in each one of us. Saturn likes to put labels and names on things, wants to check the cash balance account, wants to turn off the heating in art room, buys cheaper paints than quality ones, makes you work late, pays you little.

Saturn doesn’t even think art is something you can live from. Saturn wants to see you as a worker, in what ever field.

A poster from the mid-50s issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy at the height of the Red Scare & anti-communist witch hunt in Washington. All artists were suspect. Beware of unfounded suspicions & *always* think critically!:


What else?

Important dates to keep in mind are April 19 when Moon will trine Mars and give you a chance to act on how you have been feeling. April 20 Sun enters Taurus with Mercury retrograde and both of them trine Saturn, marking it a good time for material concerns, especially relationships with fathers or helping older people. If you will have any chance, mark this date in your life and do something generous and wonderful for old people or your parents, take some responsibilities but make it with conscious choice, and don’t forget to stay optimistic on subjects of past, especially past family relationships or some unsolved old conflict.

It’s good to come in terms with time, money, values , but also with subjects of death, and dying. Explore and learn from nature, as within, so without.

Just on April 21 Mercury retrogrades back to 29° Aries,  but enters a small trine with Moon/South node – Sun/Mercury/Uranus & Saturn. Time is of the essence right now. Use the best from these aspects. Family issues, inner issues, issues with past.

If you had a routine that worked in the past, this might be a good time to bring it back into your life. Then Moon crosses Neptune April 22 , meets Chiron April 23 and then Venus finally. Pay close attention to your reactions and feelings because on April 25 Moon finally meets Mr. Uranus and may bring explosive emotions, feelings like we want to leave and become independent and strong again but we musn’t forget that we’re still in Venus/Chiron square Saturn mode, we’re still learning in this field. Before we leave, that’s if we decide to leave, we must first deal with some inner demons and succubuses generated by our fear of confrontation, fear of being left and abandoned.

Feelings that remind us to re-think our feelings and how we feel about ourselves. If we want to be loved, we must stop putting a measuring device on each act. How much love do we need? How much love do we give? How much love is there total? Why do we need more, why do we need less? Is that Ego speaking or higher Self speaking.

We have not been educated.:



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