Sun In The Eleventh House: Kings Right Hand

If you are eleventh house Sun person you can probably agree on one thing; in your life you probably found yourself in groups, or organizations or even occult group, or at least you have a big interest in such things. This house is naturally ruled by the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by both... Continue Reading →



  Glavni opisi ove Velike Arkane bili bi: Ultimativna ženska energija, mudrost, razumijevanje, emocionalna inteligencija, plodnost, korijeni, priroda. Carica uz Veliku Svećenicu predstavlja jedan od dva ženska arhetipa u Velikoj Arkani. Majčinstvo, no, ne samo personu majke, već ono iskonsko, početak, prirodu, esenciju, životnu silu koja drži sve na okupu. Na samoj karti Rider-Waite špila... Continue Reading →

Tarot report for the 4th of May-4th of June – Energy and activity

Do you feel like tone of weight is slowly falling off your chest? Finally you can brake trough your own feelings, interpretations, fears and remorse? Do you feel that energy flow that is slowly but safely coming your way? Well, release yourself from the chains of guilt, fear and low stamina, confusion and regrets, the... Continue Reading →

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