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Sun in the Tenth house: King’s domain

Continuing our Sun in houses series, and this time somewhat faster since my internet is finally back and Universe is supporting my wish to write and work again. (or in skeptic language, bills are paid and internet company changed!)

Last time we talked about Sun in The Eleventh House where we spoke about placement where native gets a chance to be around important people, groups and organizations and shines in that area. So where does Sun in 10th house shine?

Tenth house is very important, it’s one of the angular houses, especially cusp of tenth house, better known as Medium Coeli or top of the sky, or also known as Zenith.

Our creative expression and our consciousness is very focused on ambition, goals and professional work here. Here, we’re in King’s domain. Sun is happy because it shines above horizon, it’s in his own place but that doesn’t mean that these people have it easy.

Simply remember this is a house ruled by Capricorn and Capricorn likes to take things slow and likes to build a firm foundation for the future. Just like these people who at the same time can’t escape eyes of public.

This can be very frustrating for more introverted types where they feel like they can’t escape public even if they tried.

What’s up with Tenth house?

Tenth house is also called Culminating Pivot, and it describes our vocation, what we have been invited for in this life, our life ambitions… yet this is also house of authorities and how we see authorities.

It can describe our career, success in life and action. This house by itself is conscious, and when Sun get’s here it only just expands consciousness. This is why these people are rarely relaxed and childish. Saturn’s nature will wake them up for sure…in some point of their life if not right away.

In this house we can work with vision and goal, we can also take a look at our influence in society or our role in society but this house also brings connections to ruling ones and important people (famous), leaders but also this house with Sun in it can give one such qualities, as to be a leader, or CEO of business, or running their own business too since this is also house of employment traditionally.

Traditionally it is said that it gives a bad reputation in public if afflicted. But if there are Sun, Venus or Jupiter there and well aspected, it should promise a professional success. Saturn being placed in 10th house, will bring much responsibility to native, and if badly aspected and person is unconscious will bring “disgrace and ruin” * .

There is no doubt that when any planet is placed in 10th house, we have something called Great Work  or Magnum Opus , especially with Sun… finishing your Great Work is a must. Capricorn energy + Leo energy = you better manifest that creativity!

The Consummation of the Magnum Opus (“Great Work”)  by J. Augustus Knapp


You will notice how these natives rarely act young. They’re always focused, serious and ready to work for their high goals. Even if that would be painting, they’ll strive and work towards that goal and will not complain that they’re the only ones working harder than everybody else (that’s just lots of Capricorn).

Also William Lilly says some interesting things about significators and Cosignificators of this house:

“Cosignificators are Capricorn and Mars; Lilly notes “either Jupiter or the Sun do much fortunate this house when they are positied therein; Saturn or South Node usually deny honour, as to persons of quality, or but little esteem in the world to a vulgar person; not much joy in his profession, trade or mystery, if a mechanic” ([CA], p.56).” *


Who are the real 10th house Sun people?

So when I put search in my Solar Fire database, all I got was around 145 results from almost 1730 charts saved but all of them were pretty interesting and fitting into this story of importance.

One of these people is Richard L. Thomas , American banker, the former Chairman of First Chicago NBD Corporation and The First National Bank of Chicago. He retired in May 1996 after 38 years with the company.  Not much is known about his private life but his chart is amazing looking. Capricorn Sun conjunct Saturn in MC conjunct Mercury, ruler of second house of wealth and sixth house of work.

Richard l. thomas
Even though there are not many private informations about this person, I would say he didn’t really have it easy. After all exalted Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn which makes things a bit harder to accomplish, but it’s definitely easier when Saturn is being heated above horizon than below.  Venus, chart ruler is in the 8th house of other peoples money, and then we return to exalted Jupiter for rulership to eventually come back to Moon/south node in Libra and go back to …eight house, house of other peoples money. Some charts are just naturally talented for material wealth and Capricorn Sun in Capricorn house with Saturn in it, promises a lot in that field. 


  1. Roberto Matta – “Chilean-born artist Roberto Matta was an international figure whose worldview represented a synthesis of European, American, and Latin American cultures. As a member of the Surrealist movement and an early mentor to several Abstract Expressionists, Matta broke with both groups to pursue a highly personal artistic vision. His mature work blended abstraction, figuration, and multi-dimensional spaces into complex, cosmic landscapes. Matta’s long and prolific career was defined by a strong social conscience and an intense exploration of his internal and external worlds. Known primarily as ‘Matta,’ Roberto Antonio Sebastian Matta Echaurren was born in Santiago, Chile on November 11th, 1912. The son of a Chilean father and a Spanish mother, Matta grew up in a strictly Catholic, upper middle-class home. His mother was well read and highly cultured, fostering Matta’s interest in art, literature, and languages. He received a classical, Jesuit education, and enjoyed a comfortable childhood during a period of widespread economic hardship in Chile. ” **
Slikovni rezultat za invasion of the night
Invasion Of The Night, Roberto Matta
roberto matta
Again, we have Sun very close to MC, in the sign of Scorpio, and also on half fixed signs- public degree. Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury. Of course they make beautiful trines to very inspiring and artistic Moon Neptune conjunction in Cancer, in sixth house of daily habits. Yet again we have an 4-10 axis opposition and we have Saturn, chart ruler involved. Another chart ruler is in 12th house and makes sextiles to Sun, Jupiter and Mercury.  Some would say this way of art is ‘unusual’. We know he was very inspired by political and symbolic stories, which is just this. If you take a closer look you will also notice, Saturn is also on half of fixed signs and on public degree. 


2.  Ernest Chausson – “Born in Paris into an extremely affluent bourgeois family, Ernest Chausson was the sole surviving child of a building contractor who had made his fortune assisting Baron Haussmann in the redevelopment of Paris in the 1850s. To please his father, Chausson studied law and was appointed a barrister for the Court of Appeals, but had little or no interest in the profession. He frequented the Paris salons, where he met celebrities such as Henri Fantin-Latour, Odilon Redon, and Vincent d’Indy. Before deciding on a musical career, he dabbled in writing and drawing.

In 1879, at the age of 24, he began attending the composition classes of Massenet at the Paris Conservatoire; Massenet came to regard him as ‘an exceptional person and a true artist’. Chausson had already composed some piano pieces and songs. Nevertheless, the earliest manuscripts that have been preserved are those corrected by Massenet. At the Paris Conservatoire, Chausson also studied with César Franck, with whom he formed a close friendship that lasted until Franck’s death in 1890. Chausson interrupted his studies in 1881, after a failed attempt to win the Prix de Rome. [1] During 1882 and 1883, Chausson, who enjoyed travel, visited Bayreuth to hear the operas of Wagner. On the first of these journeys, Chausson went with d’Indy for the premiere of Wagner’s Parsifal, and on the second trip he went with his new spouse Jeanne Escudier (1862-1936), with whom he was to have five children.

From 1886 until his death in 1899, Chausson was secretary of the Société Nationale de Musique. In his own home (22 Boulevard de Courcelles, near Parc Monceau), he received a great many eminent artists, including the composers Henri Duparc, Gabriel Fauré, Claude Debussy, and Isaac Albéniz, the poet Mallarmé, the Russian novelist Turgenev, and the impressionist painter Monet. Chausson also assembled an important collection of paintings.

When only 44 years old, Chausson died while staying at one of his country retreats, the Château de Mioussets, in Limay, Yvelines. Riding his bicycle downhill, Chausson hit a brick wall and died instantly. The exact circumstances remain unclear; although probably a freak accident, there has been the suggestion of suicide, as Chausson was certainly prone to depression. This suicide theory was propounded by Debussy’s biographer Edward Lockspeiser,[1] but has been firmly rejected more recently by Chausson’s own biographer Ralph Scott Grover.[2]

Chausson was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. His funeral was attended by many leading figures of the arts, including Duparc, Fauré, Albeniz, Redon, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Henri de Régnier, Pierre Louÿs and Debussy. While Chausson’s brotherly relationship with Debussy had ended abruptly five years earlier, following his disapproval of Debussy’s promiscuity,[3][4] Debussy never ceased to admire Chausson’s music. ”

Ernest Chausson
From time to time I hear people say how degrees are not important but trust me when I say, critical degrees are IMPORTANT. Sun and Mercury at the same last degree of Capricorn making trines to Saturn, their ruler. Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception even so, making it a natural talent to compose and to make order inside something very inspiring.  Here we have Mars put in unexpected and unusual sign of Aquarius, again on degree of public, and connected to 1. Saturn in 1st, and Uranus/north node in Taurus 12th house. His strange death was mysterious, but is it mysterious enough? Eight house cusp is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Aquarius…so we go back to Saturn in Gemini (gemini is moving, travelling, riding a bicycle for example).  Eh astrology…:) Still his last degree Sun in 10th left us urgently with works we will never forget. 




Now it’s your turn to study ! I will give you a list of all other people from my list with links to their charts on astro databank page. 🙂

3.  Daniel Baremboin -Argentinean-Israeli musician, a pianist and conductor.

4.  Eddie Barclay – French music producer whose singers included Jacques Brel, Dalida and Charles Aznavour. He founded Barclay Records.

5.  Yasmine Belmadi – French actor, who appeared in 13 films. He had completed his final role, in a television production, the day before his death in Paris on 18 July 2009. He died after the scooter he was riding collided with a lamp post.

6.  Dave Mustaine – American musician, formerly lead guitarist of the hard metal band Metallica and subsequently with the group Megadeth.

7.  Rodney Collin– British pro astrologer, occultist and author. A follower of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, he wrote the “Theory of Celestial Influence” and the “Theory of Eternal Life.”

8. Emile Allais– French champion alpine ski racer, who won all three events at the 1937 world championships in Chamonix and the gold in the combined in 1938. He was a dominant racer in the late 1930s and is considered to have been the first great French alpine skier.

9.  Anthony Burges– British novelist noted for his comic imagination and skillful use of language. His “Clockwork Orange,” published in 1962, was a thriller set in a classless and futurist society.

10. Vincent Van Gogh– no introduction needed haha


So we see lot’s of “important ” people here that left their work to society. But not without hard work!!

If you still wish to know more about your tenth house potential and not sure how to work with it, you can always schedule consultations which are now 50% off! 

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This post is finished in Mercury hour on Jupiters day.





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