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Ok, maybe it’s a time for a little bit of peace in mind. Time to carefully detect why there are some angry, aggressive, or troubled thoughts in your head.
Everything has its course of action, its reasons. This month can provoke anxiety and worry. And what is the root of all that? Having a hard time to relax.

Fear of future and constant preoccupation of past experiences could be getting to you. Do not rush, take your time for solitude, ask yourself why are you dwelling in such a harsh thoughts. Maintain the trust in yourself and in the others, be honest but not aggressive.

If you are sheltering some secrets that are too much to take, or if you are hiding something, this period could be very intense for you. The masks will fall. You should ask yourself why are you in this position and try to avoid it in future.

In business there could be problems with long-term goals. Lack of ambition and vision to achieve all that you want is  high in this period. Worrying about finances, frustrations could provoke laziness and tiptoeing in the dark. Focus on smaller goals at the time, day by day, don’t give yourself the chance to worry about the bigger plans right now. You should focus on small accomplishments and try to feel useful.


In relationships with friends there could be some feelings of neglecting. Either are you neglecting someone close or you feel neglected. Feels like everyone is lost in their minds and like there is no right word to say. This is temporary, it shall pass, but try not to hurt someone close by your actions. Find a polite way for communication, there is just no need for shutting yourself out. Ask for advice don’t let the pride stand in your way.

Feel free to cry, to let all that anxiety out somehow. If you feel you should sleep more, then sleep, if you feel you should take some time for yourself than do it. Don’t let conventions and other protocols stop you for being who you are.

But then again, don’t be selfish, open your emphatic view, there could be someone near you who need help, someone who is going through some inner conflicts and really need a piece of advice or just a shoulder to cry on.


Everything seems to boil right now, like a big pot of soup and someone is forgetting to turn the heat down. Learn to relax, learn to let yourself be, sometimes the best problem solver is not to dwell on problem and just letting things to arrange by themselves. Have a faith in yourself, in your friends, family and co-workers. Rather than thinking about problems focus on something good, like planning a vacation, read a new book, watch some documentaries and movies that are biographical.

In love affairs there could also be some frustrations. Maybe feelings like someone in relationship is trying to take control, or you may be the one who is trying to be in charge. Sense of withdrawal, moodiness and bad temper could rise. It’s a bit harder to feel emotions, it’s like every move, action, word is calculated. Tests and mental marathons are going on. Loose up a bit. Live and let live. Don’t think that you are right every time, let other side have its opinion, way of doing things, do not take that away, remember , your partner is not your employee.  Do not demand, focus on yourself, don’t project problems on a partner. And don’t let partner project his or hers problems on you. Rather than growl and bark to each other, waiting for every move to pick a fight or to say your opinion take a little break from each other. Hang out with friends and family more, do your things, and reserve the evening hours for coupling..


For single  people maybe now isn’t the best time to fall in love, you could meet a person who is just trying to find a way out of their problem and you could be used for stress release. In future this could bring some drama. Have fun, but try not to cling on someone just because you feel you need someone on your side. Standards are deceiving now.

So, to sum things up.. Maybe it feels like you are going to a nerve break down, or like you don’t know which way is the best for you, don’t overthink don’t let rationalization to rule over you. Focus on things like hiking, long walks, gym let the stress go out from your body, from bones and muscles. Try with Valerian tonic for your nerves, have a good night sleep and eat tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, stay hydrated. Things will solve themselves, just let them 🙂


Ija Nazor


If you are keen for a Tarot reading, advice from cards and analyses feel free to contact me on e-mail/

Have a nice day 🙂




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