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Allegory within Tarot (report for July)

Oh my, July, July!

Here in Croatia we have pretty unstable weather, it’s like five days we are dying from the heat, the sun is high and literally frying the rooftops, parked cars, asphalt, meadows, fields, crops..

No one is on the street, even the birds are not singing, the sweat is coming down from every little pore, the first sun burns are appearing on the skin, the hair is getting lighter from the sun, and the sunglasses are MUST HAVE. All the pools, beaches, lakes and the rivers are full of the people trying to cool themselves down, everything smells like the coconut from the sun creams. It’s the real summer and every living thing is trying to breath in a blurry reality that we call life.

Then, the next second everything stops… And the black clouds are all over playing an interesting and amazing aquarelle art with all kinds of  the grey shades mixed with the light purple and the orange rays of the sunset, the thunders begin to strike, the lightning is dancing fabulously within the clouds, the rain starts to fall, first slowly, the drop or two, then getting more and more aggressively,  the drafts are breaking the glass windows, the wind is rotating the branches of the trees, it all looks almost sinister… People are tryin’ to save the plants and the flowers from an eventual toss of ice that could fall from the sky, activity rises, it’s like somebody is waking you up from the tight sleep, and you are late to some big  important thing.


Ramble, rush, bustle- closing the doors, and the windows, protecting your terrace, garden.. suddenly, everything is changed.

Surreal dreamscape is going on and there is just nothing you can do but watch and pray that the tree you love so much in front of your balcony will survive this harsh play of weather.

When all that is over, temperature is comfy, slowly everybody are opening the doors, the windows, to see if there is some damage done, letting the cool breeze in their homes, draft become easy and pleasurable, moonlight starts to shine over the dark blue sky, even Venus is there, trying to get on the scene in her beauty and charm.

Everything outside seems upside down, but that doesn’t matter, at least not for the time being, when you sit back, and enjoy the thought that finally tonight you will go to sleep and it won’t be too damn hot, that you will escape from this surreal existence into an another one, on your pillow and in the bed that you love more that you are willing to admit to anyone.  Catharsis.



Ija Nazor


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