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John Dee : |A magickal world of 29° Cancer |

If you’re familiar with occult and magick you probably heard of  John  Dee, mathematician, astrologer, alchemist, occultist and mystic.

John Dee was well known in the world of royal families and alchemy and astrology, more so he was personal astrologer for Queen Elizabeth I, and enjoyed signing his notes with ‘007’ code. Yes, James Bond might be a hero, but Dee actually served as a double-agent for the Queen, especially in thwart to Spain.

(c) Wellcome Library; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
John Dee (1527–1608/1609)


John Dee was born in Tower Ward, London and had Welsh descent. His last name Dee derived from Welsh du which means black. Even during his school days he was a very gifted child (entering college when he was 15 years old in 1542, and graduating BA in 1545 or early 1546) and after finishing college, rumors started circulating that he is not only gifted in mathematics, but also in magick.

John worked with many other scientists during his very early years, including Gerolamo Cardano (mathematician, physician, biologistphysicistchemistastrologerastronomer, philosopher, writer, and gambler.) in London: during their acquaintance they investigated a perpetual motion machine as well as a gem purported to have magical properties.  

“Rector at Upton-upon-Severn from 1553, Dee was offered a readership in mathematics at Oxford in 1554, which he declined; he was occupied with writing and perhaps hoped for a better position at court.[18] In 1555, Dee became a member of the Worshipful Company of Mercers, as his father had, through the company’s system of patrimony. That same year, 1555, he was arrested and charged with “calculating” for having cast horoscopes of Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth; the charges were expanded to treason against Mary.[18][20] Dee appeared in the Star Chamber and exonerated himself, but was turned over to the Catholic Bishop Bonner for religious examination. His strong and lifelong penchant for secrecy perhaps worsening matters, this entire episode was only the most dramatic in a series of attacks and slanders that would dog Dee throughout his life. Clearing his name yet again, he soon became a close associate of Bonner”

Actually John Dee presented Queen Mary with an idea of founding a national library; to preserve old books, manuscripts and the records, but proposal was not taken up so instead, he just expanded his own personal library constantly adding new books and material in it. His house library became the greatest in England and attracted many visitors, scholars and students.



Reassembling the Lost Library of a 16th-Century Magician Who Spoke to Angels


When princess Elizabeth took the throne and became Queen, John Dee became her first hand in astrological and scientific advices. In fact it was John Dee who choose coronation date for Queen Elizabeth I. He provided assistance on any major decisions made, and also lead voyages of discovery, navigation.

John Dee claimed he has occult knowledge of treasure in the Welsh Marches, and knowledge of ancient manuscripts kept at Wigmore Castle.

He published Monas Hieroglyphica in 1564. , a hermetic work, an exhausting Cabalistic interpretation of a glyph of his own design which was meant to express the mystical unity of all creation.

Infinite Fire Webinar III – Title page of John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica (1564). Source: Ritman Library


Regardless of this Great Work that John Dee left to us, and efforts of students after him to decipher the real meanings of his Work, it simply cannot be interpreted without oral tradition from that era or it is believed so. Yet millions of magicians around the world still use Enochian tables and names of angels in their work, and his work still attracts millions of aspiring magicians and alchemists  to dive into magical world of interesting persona of John Dee.

He also published books on mathematics such as “Mathematical Preface” english translation of Euclid’s Elements which turned out to be his most printed and republished work.

“”Mathematical Preface” to Henry Billingsley‘s English translation of Euclid‘s Elements in 1570, arguing the central importance of mathematics and outlining mathematics’ influence on the other arts and sciences” (Picture: Pinterest, text: Wikipedia (John Dee))


Meeting Edward Kelley 

John Dee began experimenting with scrying mirrors and other techniques trying to make connections to speak to angels and hidden forces but it wasn’t until 1582. that he met Edward Kelley who became his patronage and activated a whole new era in Dee’s life. Two became close and started working on occult sciences always holding on to rules of fasting, purification and prayer before and after every Work.

And while rumors say Edward Kelley was cynical about this particular subject, John Dee held a firm belief that angels and entities from other spheres could help humanity. It was not only a belief, Dee was convinced. He also said angels and entities from higher levels helped him dictate important informations such as ones in Enochian language or as better known, language of angels.

There was a thirty year difference between Kelley and Dee, and while John Dee was interested in understanding what angels have to say about helping out humanity, Kelley was apparently very busy making money from his work and trying to get into the elite. True or no, story says that one day Edward Kelley informed John Dee that angel Uriel  ordered to him that “all men must share their possessions, including their wives” 

As Kelley at this point was more known and more sought-out by other people because his line of work had more prospects for long-term financial gain and that was very popular at this point, especially by the royal families in this era while Dee was more interested in solving mysteries and challenges in astrology, mathematics, alchemy, optics and navigation.

Idea of wife sharing wasn’t appealing to John Dee at all, but he didn’t doubt Kelley’s gifts, both were already on the run from court accusations and were living a pretty nomadic life in Central Europe. Story says that apparently two shared wives, but broke off all conferences and their relationship. Dee returned to England while Kelley went to be an alchemist for Emperor Rudolf II.

Nine months later (February 28, 1588.) Dee’s wife gave a birth to a son, Dee baptized it and named him Theodorus Trebonianus Dee. Rumors say that it is quite possible that child was in fact Kelley’s , since Kelley was 32 at the time while Dee was 60.

After returning to England to his home in Mortlake, he found his house vandalized, his library destroyed and much of important items stolen. Even worse than that, he came back only to find out that England is not that much of a safe place for occult anymore. So he sought support and protection from Queen Elizabeth and she did appoint him Warden of Christ’s college, but soon Queen died and James I provided to support for him.

Dee died in poverty, selling most of his possessions only to support himself and his daughter who took care of him until his death.

Interestingly, John Dee was married three times. First time 1565. , but his wife Katherine died in 1574. Union resulted in no children. His second marriage was to unknown woman also lasted  only one year until her death in 1576.

In 1578. he married a 23- year old Jane Fromond (b. 

“Dr Dee’s magic mirror and the Great Seal are two objects in our Shakespeare exhibition [in the British Museum] thought to have been owned by Dr John Dee. Dee might have been the model for Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Shakespeare… and Dee (apprentice and master) historical realness.”

John Dee was very inspired by hermetic principles and mathematics, especially Platonic- Pythagorean doctrines and believed that numbers were the basis of all things and key to knowledge. He also believed men is capable of having divine power and that this divine power could be exercised through mathematics.

“The accretion of false and often fanciful information about Dee often obscures the facts of his life, remarkable as they are in themselves. It also does nothing to promote his Christian leanings: Dee looked to the angels to speak to him about how he might heal the very deep and serious rifts between the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformed Church of England and the Protestant movement in England”

Queen Elizabeth I used him as her court astronomer on a number of occasions not solely because he practised Hermetic arts, but because he was a deeply religious and learned man whom she trusted.”


“The British Museum holds several items once owned by Dee and associated with the spiritual conferences:[70]

  • Dee’s Speculum or Mirror (an obsidian Aztec cult object in the shape of a hand-mirror, brought to Europe in the late 1520s), which was subsequently owned by Horace Walpole.[71] Jennifer Rampling has claimed that Dee never actually owned this object[citation needed]. The item now residing in the British Museum was first attributed to Dee by Horace Walpole. Lord Frederick Campbell had brought “a round piece of shining black marble in a leathern case” to Walpole in an attempt to ascertain the object’s provenance. According to Walpole, he responded saying “Oh, Lord, I am the only man in England that can tell you! it is Dr. Dee’s black stone”. There is no explicit reference to the mirror in any of Dee’s surviving writings. The provenance of the Museum’s obsidian speculum, as well as the crystal ball, is in fact dubious.[citation needed]
  • The small wax seals used to support the legs of Dee’s “table of practice” (the table at which the scrying was performed).
  • The large, elaborately decorated wax “Seal of God”, used to support the “shew-stone”, the crystal ball used for scrying.
  • A gold amulet engraved with a representation of one of Kelley’s visions.
  • A crystal globe, six centimetres in diameter. This item remained unnoticed for many years in the mineral collection; possibly the one owned by Dee, but the provenance of this object is less certain than that of the others.”


John Dee astrology in short: 

John Dee
Chart of John Dee, apparently. Rating is DD though.
  • Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith on 29° Cancer
  • Jupiter exalted in Cancer 
  • eighth house stellium
  • Sun ruler is Moon in Aquarius making trine to MC
  • Saturn is at Taurus in 5th house
  • Venus is at Virgo
  • Venus is in 9th house of higher learning,philosophy, religion, Virgo
  • Sun rules 9th house (fame through knowledge and learning)
  • Mercury in 8th house, interested in magick and occult
  • Triangle of learning (MC, Saturn, Moon)
  • Triangle of learning (Venus, Saturn, Moon)
  • Mars sextile Pluto
  • Neptune trine Mercury (Man who spoke to angels)
  • South node conjunct Uranus, North node opposition to Uranus
  • Vertex trine Neptune
  • Vertex opposition Pluto
  • Black Moon Lilith opposition Moon
  • Black Moon opposition to Sun
  • Black Moon Lilith trine Ascendant
  • Black Moon Lilith sextile MC
  • Pluto, retrograde + out of bounds
  • Full Moon phase of birth
  • Cardinal Water dominant
  • Succedent houses most dominant
  • Moon is in third house, rules 8th house, dispositor is Saturn in 5th
  • Sun is in 8th house, rules 9th house, dispositor is Moon in third house
  • Sun/Moon midpoint is on Saturn, exactly Taurus
  • Jupiter/Saturn midpoint on cusp of 7th house, almost exact
  • Part of Treachery conjunct Pluto
  • Part of Organization is in opposition to Mars
  • Part of life is in opposition to Uranus
  • Part of discord conjunct Vertex point
  • Part of death conjunct Saturn (died of old age, but in poverty, by female daughter (TaurusVenus) interesting too)
  •  ALCYONE star  parallel Mercury “Mystical but judgemental”
  • THUBAN conjunct Venus  – “To protect or make a treasure”
  •  CANOPUS star conjunct Jupiter –  “The Path finder”
  •  ZOSMA parallel Jupiter  -“A victim or a saviour”
  • HAMAL conjunct Saturn –  “To follow one’s path”
  • SCHEDIR conjunct Saturn – “The Queen, female power”
  • ZOSMA parallel Saturn – “A victim or a saviour”
  • ANTARES conjunct Ascendant – “Success which can be obsessive”
  • DENEBOLA parallel Black Moon Lilith – “To go against the society”
  • Hygiea asteroid conjunct Pluto
  • Eurydike conjunct Pluto
  • Hera in opposition to Moon nodes (conjunction to south node)
  • Nemesis conjunct Venus
  • Tisiphone conjunct Moon
  • Orpheus conjunct Neptune
  • Partial Moon eclipse day after the birth
  • Sun- most dominant planet, yet inharmonic
  • Saturn – most inharmonic planet in chart
  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  • Jupiter conjunct Mercury
  • Eight house most dominant, in harmonic expression too
  • Tenth house most harmonic in expression
  • Strongest sign is Cancer 
  • Most harmonic sign is Cancer
  • Weakest sign is Leo
  • Most inharmonic sign is Taurus
  • DIGNITY/ALMUTEN SCORES: Saturn 35, Jupiter 25




There 🙂 Now you have plenty of things to talk, think and learn about.

Article finished on Jupiter’s day & Saturn hour.




Sources and references: (John Dee), biography & Wikipedia page, Solar Fire gold, and personal notes

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