Today is 12.9.2017.
12+9+2017= 2038= 20+38= 58= 5+8=13=1+3= 4


Four are the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air), four are the sides of the world (East, West, South and North). Four are the legs of the chair and four are the points in the square. And four are the seasons we know. 
Four is the symbol of the material world and it’s the basics of the pyramid. It’s connected to practicality, stability and work.
Number four creates the biggest tension and it describes where we work hard and describes people who describe life as hard.
Four is the number of the “BUILDER”. And it’s connected to the nature of Saturn (restraint, control), Rahu or North moon node (connections, expansion), sign of Cancer (security) and Sun (self-realization).
                                  Esther Lozano
About people who’s life path is number 4
Four describes people who are practical in nature. Who came into this life where they want to make an effort. They’re serious, mature and organized. They like working according to plans and schedules. However life may seem hard to them, it gets easier with years (Saturn).
They develop stability, and are working to build firm foundations, some may see them as workaholics because of that reason. Fours are also good with their hands.
Fours are also very reliable, honest and willing to wait for results. They have economic approach, are slow in decision making. Some may even describe them as conservative and workaholics and they have a problem of not resting enough. 
These people usually went through tough childhood and have fear of new and fear of changes. Some may even be pretty dogmatic. To them most important thing is to build life on secure foundations, stay loyal, honest and beware of dogmas.
This number can lead to eccentricity in material world. People who have this number dominant have a huge need to change something. They can act rebellious too and even melodramatic (Sun dictated by Cancer)
Cave to Canvas, Four Seasons - Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1573. The...
Four Seasons – Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1573


Daily advice:
  • Investigate how firm foundations are in your life
  • Try to work as hard as you can especially work around the house, safety and security
  • Make a serious commitment
  • Practice honesty
  • Make schedules and calendars
  • Practice patience, loyalty
  • Rest after you’re done working don’t overdo yourself





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