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Tra$hcan: Trends in spiritual world? Plutonians, Uranians, Empaths

Nothing pisses me off more than waking up in the morning. I have a chart ruler Mercury in conjunction to Moon and in square to Pluto. That alone should make me very Plutonic, but if I learned anything from these years of studying astrology, identifying with your aspects will bring you bad time. 

Just the other day, I was working on scheduled readings and charts when this certain post caught my attention. One person asked if “Pluto and Mars” were his dominant planets. So I decided to help out of course. I turned on Solar Fire and put in his data and sent him a report where it said his most dominant (strongest) planets were a) ascendant point, b) Mercury but his most harmonic planet was Uranus. 

I did mention to him that I usually charge my services, but I will do this out of good will, because I wanted to help out. But this person continued to message me with : ” A part of me I think doesn’t fully believe the chart you gave me. Like I’m still a little skeptical yet considering it…” on which I replied that “We should never believe anything until we investigate it first”. And he continued :

I know I’ve asked you this a million times, but is it yes to PLUTO and MERCURY and MARS being my official dominant planets? For some reason I feel like Uranus would’ve been the reason I feel like Uranus would’ve been at least one of them ha” 

I replied, in a very calm way, even though I saw where this is going : “Uranus is your most harmonic planet. So you’re definitely feeling it. Let’s conclude it like this: all these six points are your dominant and intense in your life. ”  

He continued: “Oh okay ha. But I’m assuming Pluto is the most dominant and intense out of them all, even though they all have influence over me and my life?” 

And just when I started losing my shit and wanted to block him, I asked a very important question: “Why do you think Uranus should be dominant? What things about you are Uranian? ”  I felt this was important to ask, since we may read online about certain placements and identify with them. We are only humans trying to discover our inner purpose.

And our conversation then continued. He said: “I just seem like I look Uranus like. I’m weird and weird looking and I don’t know why. I think someone told me before that I have an electricity thing to me. I think Pluto has the same quality too though.

Pluto and Uranus are much different in their expressions. But what the hell.

Electricity is a good key. How much did the unexpected things happen to you during life? Especially shocks with trauma? Pluto doesn’t have that unexpected shock effect, we can usually sense things unfolding with Pluto.”

Then he replied: “Quite a bit actually ha. Random things seem to happen to me quite a bit and I do and say random things quite a bit too and change things at random times if I feel like it. Sometimes right away and other times I wait until the new aspect of it dies off and I get bored then I change it up. ” 

Now it’s really hard to tell if this is even true or identifying with information.  I was getting tired, I felt like this is not going to take us anywhere. So I gave the best advice for this kind of situation: Embrace both Uranus and Pluto and express their positive symbols and manifestations. Stay away from negative ones and that’s all. ” to which he replied with only “ok.” 

Usually when somebody replies only with “ok” you can tell that either they’re mad at you (hardly since we don’t know each other personally and this was the first time we ever spoke) or they simply don’t care what you said to them, since you didn’t give them the confirmation of something they wanted. 

And just when I thought I gave him some clues to investigate on his own, around 3 hours later he messages me with : “Someone I’m talking to wants to know what program you used for astrodynes?”  I replied with my answer about Solar Fire,  he said thank you and didn’t message me for few more hours.

Do I have a Pluto and Mercury and Mars looks to me?”  And I almost flipped out. I felt like this messaging could go on forever until I confirmed what he wanted to know, but he didn’t want to know actually. He simply needed a confirmation for his identification with certain planet energies, which could be the most dangerous part of astrology. Identifications. 

But trying not to get off on the wrong foot, I still kept my cool and replied : “Looks and physical are connected to rising sign, it’s ruler and planets conjuncting ASC or DSC or planets that are in first or twelfth house.” 

And if you follow now, you will understand that this is projection. Continuing this conversation was definitely a bad idea, he continues: “Oohhhh ok ha. Well, I do have Pluto opposite ascendant (we already concluded Pluto is the major dominant planet in his chart, after ASC & Mercury) and mars, mercury and Saturn square Ascendant and Uranus and Neptune trine ascendant and Sun sextile ascendant and I think Lilith semi sextile ascendant and Venus septile ascendant and Pluto conjunct descedant and Mars, Saturn and Mercury square descendant and Neptune and Uranus sextile descendant. I think and Sun trine descendant and Venus trine descendant I think.”

Now I want everybody to read this…and pay attention to bolded things. Too bad that small aspects such as septile or semi sextile, or semi square are not the ones we take in measuring how strong something is.

So finally my sarcasm hit and I had to comment with: “Lol everybody wants to be a Plutonian or Neptunian or Uranian nowadays. 😀 It doesn’t matter that much”  and finally got answer I knew all along: “I think I wanted to be Mars first or Plutonian first” 

As I was trying not to get angry but to turn it into laughs I replied: “But it’s not like we can choose our chart. We got what we got and once we get to know ourselves truly it’s easier later. ” 

-“True ha. It would be neat if we could choose our charts though. At least I’m Plutonian and Mercury and Mars. I think it would be neat to have Pluto, Mars and Neptune dominant or either ones in different categories, or maybe Uranus somewhere in there as a replacement for maybe Neptune maybe ha.”

At this point I stopped replying and it seems he got worried I’m angry so he asked if I was ok for some reason. I just couldn’t handle that much denial and identification with energy.

And then 12 hours later I get another message: “Are my strongest planetary factors Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter? Someone in KISS told me that and now I really don’t know who to believe. I’m tired of getting changing answers and not facts that stay the same. KISS is one of astrology groups I’m on.”

Yeah, like those groups are filled with professional astrologers interested in helping your lost ass for free, and spend their whole day trying to find more and more points in your chart to make you a fucking Plutonian or Uranian or Neptunian or Martian. Yes, answers will be changing since people who want to help or do help in certain groups usually have little to no knowledge of astrodynes/cosmodynes and techniques of calculating which planet gets to be the strongest and which planet gets to be most harmonic. Plus, what he said in the last message sounded as if he was forcing me to look it up again, and that I’m somehow obligated to make him Plutonian, Uranian, Neptunian or Mars. I do not own a magic stick. I do actually, but that’s for another post. 

So I replied very rude. And decided not to speak to him again. I replied with

Well that depends who you want to listen to. I know my truth and have a certificate to prove it. I am also NOT interested in competing with other astrologers who maybe aren’t even certified at all, or it’s simply enough that I don’t want to get into conflict with others to prove point you want. It looks to me like you’re trying to find a way to have certain planets as dominant and ask around to get a confirmation. You didn’t even say thank you regardless of me mentioning I usually charge my time and services. So, if you want to order a professional reading, okay, if not please stop using me to confirm what you want to be. Who cares if you want to be Plutonian or Martian…or Uranian. It’s not your choice. Bye and agape.”

Just the other day after my astrology classes, my astrology professor and a very good friend of mine told me: ” I like you because you have big balls. ” 

I have a huge heart but huge balls too. I guess it’s being the Uranus dominant with Uranus getting far more points than any other planet.

After he stopped talking to me and finally got the message I still saw him asking around in many other groups, trying to get his confirmation. Planets are not ours, we can’t make them our 2nd house thing, they do NOT belong to us. Planets are simply here offering us experiences in certain areas. We may feel like Plutonian but we don’t need to be a Plutonian.

It’s quite clear how slow movements these planets have (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and they have a generational effects. BUT having more planets in Scorpio, or Aquarius or Pisces and having those planets in certain important areas or conjunction, opposition or square will give them points, but we must also see for dignities, exact impact or exact application or separation. And we have to see if they’re expression is harmonic or inharmonic. So after we find out whether we are Moon people, Sun people, Uranus people or what ever, we have to see if we can and have to purify the planet and do something about it’s bad expression.

Most people look for confirmation so that after they do bad shit, they can say: “Oh it’s because I’m a Plutonian, don’t mind me.”  Pluto doesn’t care for you, so why would you identify with something like that? It’s the same thing when we look up charts of let’s say serial killers, and let’s say Pluto is important planets sending connections to Mars, Saturn and Moon in 5th house and person ends up killing children or raping them?

You will surely have people denying the Pluto influence because they tend to identify with it and only see the cool descriptions of Pluto where it’s dark lord of the underworld, psychic, controlling, magic. But nobody sees the side of Pluto (Hades) as someone who kidnapped Kora and brought her to the underworld for 6 months to rape her.  Because we tend to identify. 

So yes, study astrology but study mythology too. We must take both sides in conclusion, Pluto is both bad and good, ugly and pretty. At times Pluto can be very destructive, as we can see now with Jupiter-Pluto in the world and activation and testing of nuclear weapons. 

Don’t get deceived, it will get you nowhere. I promise.

Oh and who would have said….you can still like astrology and planets and not identify with them. Chart is here to help you, not to put you into more illusion, but who would have said that 70% sleepers enjoy the comforting illusion where they go from one illusion on to the next creating more work to deal with in the future.

Be smart, or leave astrology for some other time.

Real Plutonians, or Uranians or Martians will tell you stories that will make you either cringe or shiver your skin. They’re people who are hard to handle since they’ve gone through lots of things in that nature. Wearing an all red costume doesn’t make you Martian. But you can always try, eh?


Post started on Mercury day hour of Sun

Post finished on Mercury day, Venus hour




2 thoughts on “Tra$hcan: Trends in spiritual world? Plutonians, Uranians, Empaths”

  1. Oh god, recently i have had similar experience with a guy who was desperately tryin’ to be a scorpio which is his moon position, he bored me to death and then he said to me that i don’t know nothing, cause dominant thing in his chart is scorpio – long story short- he started to be offended and rude i i just blocked him. I don’t get that fications about aspects, sings or planets, it all sounds to me like Pisces gone mad 😀

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