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Sun in the eighth house: Lux ex tenebris

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. – John 1:5

A Bible quote that really resonates with Sun in eighth house of astrology. Sun as light in the underworld of Hades is something really special.

We all know how complicated eighth house is, and how little constructive things we can say about it. This house is connected to sign of Scorpio, and therefore has Mars and Pluto as rulers. It is connected to death and transformation as we all know it.  It’s also interesting that in evolutionary astrology Pluto is connected to soul, desire that soul has to connect into this reality so in eighth house we either get a chance to wake up (and with Sun or Moon here it’s very much needed).  We can be most disturbed in this house, but different from 12th house, we can choose if we want to hide or no.

This is a good time to take an invisibility pill!

Similar to Uranus nature, this house brings unexpected things, deep psychological themes or things we didn’t want to confront with. It’s the house of our intimate relationships, shared resources, deep understanding, inheritance, sexuality, shared finances, ends, taxes, connecting, death, secrets and mysteries.

On a psychological level this is the house that connects us to our suppressed pictures, our experience of sexuality, our experience of power and our need to recognize our true identity.  It’s the house where we learn about us, and about life. It is often mentioned that 8th house is the house where ego dies. Ego must die, so we can get reborn again. There is no glorification in this house, no glamour, it’s not a new age house, but really concrete one. Decisions that we make in this house are extremely important.

In traditional astrology, this house was primarily death and secondary other people’s money, loans, debts, helpers of our enemies and fear. It was good in the sense of business and investment of energy and planets in the 8th house usually spoke about the type of inheritance, money that person is receiving from others, type of death, about sadness we meet in this lifetime.

Planet in the 8th house spoke about what person fears in their life since our ego is very afraid to face things that trouble us so we usually suppress them, such as fear of losing what is MINE (2-8 axis).  So this house had a name “Porta Suprema” or Upper doors. 2nd house was lower doors. It is a reminder that this house is canal, doors, connection to something else and that if we don’t open those doors by ourselves, somebody else or something will.

Except for death,dying and money this house is also connected to magic, initiations, paranormal, ghosts, messages from dead, unusual or disturbing experiences and unexplainable things, such as mysteries, ufo, exorcism, demons, rituals, shamanistic rituals and spirits, healing, especially healing with hands.

Evelyn De Morgan - Lux In Tenebris, 1895
Evelyn De Morgan – Lux In Tenebris, 1895

Death becomes a very important subject to people who have intense 8th house, this could be Sun, Moon or at least 3 planets in this house. Any planet in this house will experience continuous process of death and rebirth and it’s very important that we understand that, since changes are very intense. Very much different from Pisces and Neptune ruled houses in this house there is little to none chance of illusion, here we’re able to see everything and see the world we’re in, and it’s not all flowers and petals.

Sometimes fear or fascination to death and dying are very important. Sometime in young age these people experienced death.


Paul Kirchner
Paul Kirchner


What about Sun in the eighth house?

Light that shines in darkness metaphorically speaking. These people often hide their true nature, and they can be very private and secretive. When a planet of personal creative expression and vitality comes into eighth house of death and dying, our ego keeps on dying and being born again. We are very interested in mysterious side of life and also taboo subjects.

Death is something that we take interest in and gives us strength needed to find the answers. Usually people with Sun in 8th house witness death of a close family member or a friend in early years and that death brings strong emotional changes. That death doesn’t have to be physical so for example our father was never a part of our life, so we felt like he wasn’t even there.

These people are very aware of spiritual worlds that aren’t that pleasant to know or feel about. We are also very aware of our powers, but it feels seems very scary to use them. We are born with certain psychic gifts, and it depends only on us if we will accept them or no.

my way...(little nice story: "The Star Goddess: The Realm of the Goddess is far-reaching and mirrors the principle of “as above, so below”. She is the holder of the earth and its life and her reach extends into the heaven’s and beyond. In her form as the Star Goddess she is all inclusive and mistress of all the heavenly bodies, affecting not only the tides, as in the form of the Moon Goddess but space, time and matter." <3)
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People born with Sun in 8th house are very intuitive, empathetic and usually have dreams that are concerned with suffering of others.  Most of psychic and material inheritance are from fathers side of the family.

There is a huge need to understand themselves and are very attractive to other people who are magnetically drawn to their sense of mystery and secrecy. There is a natural gift for psychology since we are able to listen to other peoples problems and dive deep into unconscious cave.

Sun in this house brings a huge feeling of loneliness so it’s very important that they surround themselves with positive people. Loneliness is here because of a feeling that we are so much different than everybody else which is why psychiatry, psychology, therapy, investigation, consulting, detective job, massage or jobs connected to death; pathology, forensics, funeral agency….and so on are some of the jobs that would suit us and give us a chance to use our detective and investigative tendencies. 

Sexuality is very strong here and it’s possible that sexuality is a touchy subject. At times there is a chance of suppressed memories regarding sex. Either way, this subject is what gives them fuel needed to fight for rights of others  and defend them since they are very sensitive to any form of violence. How ever sexuality is (ends very sexual-asexual) they are definitely noticed and others are attracted to them.

With Sun here somebody might have played your trust or betrayed you, relationship with father is very important, there are some things that need to be communicated and understood between people with Sun in 8th house and their fathers.

How ever uncomfortable it may be, Sun in 8th house will have to learn to make relationships and friendships with trust. We are called here not to live one life, but few lives in the row. It’s also important that they express all that energy in the healing way, since this is house call for healing.

It’s the healing of physical and collective. Especially in the physical where they’re called to manifest the authority on the plan of physical activities.

Love goes far beyond what you call the grave. #EdgarCayce reading 5756-14


In lower forms of expression  they can manipulate others, control or captivate them. And in higher forms of expression they are people who came into this world to connect with people on positive way, express driving energy. It’s the process of making lead into gold and for that they must go very deep to bring the biggest results from what other people consider something not important.

They may not be social, but it gets easier with years. In the lower forms these people often have problems with making friendships since they only see them through money or making money on their loss, sadness or grief; such as bet masters, or for example mafia etc. In such low level they can even present themselves as someone nice, generous but hiding a very taboo story behind.

It’s important to say that worse things in eighth house are through repression and suppression and our fear to dive deeper into our personal and collective unconscious. We have to know that we are that light in darkness. 

Edgar Cayce on Death


Some of the famous people born with Sun in 8th house: Hugh Hefner (bunny girls, Playboy, apparently stays vital through sex), Deepak Chopra  (American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the spiritual world), John Travolta (sex symbol actor, himself faced death of son and had big impact on him,joined Scientology), Maria Teresa (literally healed sick, witnessed many horrible things,, became saint), Edgar Cycle (Christian mystic who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while claiming to be in a trance. A biographer gave him the nickname, “The Sleeping Prophet“. A nonprofit organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment,[1]was founded to facilitate the study of Cayce’s work.)… and others

but you get the point 🙂



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