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Queens be like…

For those who are following our FB page,  this topic may be familiar. I have wrote few posts about Queens in Tarot, in a sense like they are living creatures in their environment.

In Tarot readings Court cards may cause some difficulties when we are explaining them. Sometimes they can be connected to a specific person, in other times they represent us, and sometimes they represent situations. Almost always other cards in spread are telling us which field Court cards are describing, but even then we can be unsure. The best way is to know all  the things that they represent, so then we can make a sense in story, sometimes they even have double meaning, they speak in two or three languages at the same time,. For example, Queen of Cups with 6 of Wands, and 3 of Pentacles.

You can explain that like: Your compassion will bring you triumph through the hard work and things will look very bright, or you can also say, your mother will help you get over some difficulties just trust her and things will work out, or maybe, you will get things done by trusting your intuition. And maybe all that answers are correct , maybe you should get attention to all that things that cards are telling you. You should be very good with your intuition and trust yourself when you do the readings, and always listen the question very well, sometimes the answer lays in question.

When you get four Queens in a reading you can be sure that some gossips are going on behind your back, and not to mention big ones and they can do you harm.

When you get three Queens in a reading it means you will participate in the gossip which you should avoid.

When you get two Queens in a reading it means you could get in a quarrel with your female relative or friend.


So let me start with the Queens, one by one 🙂


Queen of Pentacles 

Astrology relates to Libra and Taurus, and planet Venus, she loves nature, animals and all the pretty things, she loves esthetic, design, gardening and plants. She could have bit new age thing going on, but mostly she is good with all that wiccan stuff. Often she has long dark hair and warm eyes. She is good with money, her house is a home where everybody feel comfy, she will make you tea with herbs from her garden and you will taste the perfect, organic cookies with it. She will always help you with the good advice or maybe some love potion 

She know how to listen, and rarely boards you with her problems, it may even seem that she doesn’t have problems, and that is almost the truth. Things that bother her are when someone is rude or impolite, when someone is bad with nature or with animals. She really doesn’t like to be forced to do something or to be in atmosphere where someone is yelling and shouting, she avoids conflict as good as she can.

Her element is Earth, quality fixed, She describes people born from 4th-11th of January.

Her herb is Marshmellow often used to treat stomach problems, such as ulcers it calms wounds and injuries, very soothing.

Some keywords/ intelligence, vision, fertility, nurturing, liberty, practical, generosity, creativity, ability, material.

Her reversed meaning can be deceit, fear, mistrust, obsession with material, moodiness, neglect duties, laziness.

Queen of Pentacles entertaining  place


Queen of Swords 

She is a wise women has a lot of authority, often, sorrow and sadness are deep in her, but no one can see that, she is very strong on outside and sometimes can be described as a strict and even cruel. She can be widowed or divorced, she has tasted every sweet fruit in her life before, she knows what happiness is, but also, she knows that happy times are over for her and that only herself can make good things going  for her.

She rely on no one no more. She have to take care of herself, of her work, house, people that depend on her. She may be workaholic or/and perfectionist. She find some kind of salvation in her work, in building up her own personality. She will not let anybody to see her weakness, she may seem like a women without any weak point in her body and mind.
She knows how to deal with people, everyone treats her with respect, she has earn this respect with her own deeds and behavior.
She won’t give forgiveness so easily, she demands from people to be decent and to follow the rules, ’cause she did, she managed that even though she had a very hard times in her past.
She is very smart and always in the track of things around her, she is good in politics, law, she could be profesor or brain surgeon, executive positions. We connect her with Virgo, Scorpio, Libra and Aquarius. It is hard to approach her, because she won’t let everybody in her world, she knows what people can be like, she prefer her own company, reading the newspapers for breakfast, preparing for work.
The Queen of Swords tells of enduring struggles throughout one’s life, which leads to spiritual depth. She is powerful ally, and on the side of justice. Not so warm, kind and fun like Queens of Cups, Pentacles or Wands, but if you became her friend you can always rely on her, you just have to do you best for yourself, she can advise you, be there for you, but don’t be foolish with your life, she doesn’t respect stupid choices and easy ways tryin’ to “get by”, she respect strength and willpower, she will always reward that.
Her element is Air, quality fixed, she relates people born 7th-13th of March
Her Herb is Lady’s Slipper, it reduces stress and all PMS problems.
Some keywords/ separation, sorrow, sadness, intelligence, justice, responsibility, sharp mind..
Her reversed meaning can be/ bigotry, malice, coldness, loneliness, but also appearing in reading reversed she could be warning not to trust somebody, do not confide in women who appears to be a good friend.
Queen of Swords contemplating



Queen of Cups 

She is a bit reserved and can be isolated from time to time, some might say that is hard to approach her, at first, she may seem cold, but that is far from truth, she is introspective, emotional being, might have psychic abilities, she has her own world and let people in very warily.

From time to time she may seem distant, but her heart understands everything, just give her space. The Queen of Cups shows many emotions flowing around her, but she is in command and is comfortable within her own environment.
In astrological sense we connect her to Scorpio. She loves places near water, that soothing sound of rain or waves.
She is very empathetic, has understanding and compassion for everyone. Beautiful women, usually with light hair and blue eyes.
Passion, pride, sometimes enigma to others, has that mystery cloud over her, but she is wise and very strong and powerful even that may not be the first impression because of her kind approach and gentle vibration.
She relies on her intuition so you can’t fool her easily 
Her element is Water, her quality is Fixed, she relates to people born from 4th-10th of February
Her Herb is Lady’s Mantle, this herb is for regulating problems with reproductive system, helps to reduce menstrual bleeding.
Some keywords /  compassion, enigma, pleasure, goodness, emotions, intuition, kindness..
Reversed meanings / lack of trust, easily bored, clingy, impractical, jealousy..
Queen of Cups relaxing spot
Queen of Wands 
She is the one with lot’s of friends, always socializing, her phone is ringin, postcards are all over her home, gifts from people as a token of gratitude, she will always help and she will always know how to help.
Her home is full of children, neighbors, friends and family, animals and plants. everybody loves her and respect her deeply. Oh she can get angry, she can yell, she just knows when you did something wrong, and she will express her anger. Her trust has to be deserved, and then you can count on her.
Her wit is very famous, she is generous and brave mature woman who knows how to act in every life situation.
But she doesn’t like to be used or taken advantage from, she will know what is on your mind before you say it to her, so be very cautious cause she doesn’t handle well liers ad cheaters.
She enjoys in small talks as well as in long, philosophical correspondence, she always know how to react and what to say.
She is someone with experience and good intuition, great judge of characters.
Multi-tasking is her second name, her career is rich and proud, but she always manages the time for her family and friends.  Fierce and relaxed at the same time, smiling like Mona Lisa with strong and loud vocal cords, deep warm eyes and big gold hair.
She was quite a catch in her younger days and now she is still very charming and easily attract what she needs and wants.
She is one if the best friends you can have, you will always be secure around her as long as you respect her she will do anything to help you. Sometimes she might be a bit arrogant and egotistical.
She loves to dance, listen to music, to dress spectacular, glamour is her fetish.
With her you will never get bored, because she is always making someone laugh and her laugh is contagious 🙂
We connect Queen of Wands with Leo, sometimes with Sagittarius, fire is her element and quality is fixed.
She relates to people born from 4th-10th of December.
Her Herb is Raspberry leaf, which helps with childbirth, relaxing muscles and it’s anti-inflammatory.
Some keywords are/ honesty, loyalty, generosity, wisdom, help, strength..
Reversed meanings/ snobbery, stupidity, narrow mind, egoism, narcissism, manipulative women, impatient, drunk, tyranny..
Queen of Wands idea of fun
So, this is a small overview of the 4 Queens in the Tarot, you can imagine how they interact together, they are at Queen of Pentacles, having tea with some herbs for relaxation and good mood, eating pumpkin brownies with chocolate sprinkles. Queen of Swords is sitting there, not very interested, she is doing her part because they are all old friends so she had to come to this tea party. Queen of Cups and Queen of Pentacles are talking about astrology, Tarot, runes and love, Queen of Wands is annoyed with Queen of Swords, pulling the bottle of expensive rare Cognac from her purse, to get things going.
Queen of Cups is like, “oh I shouldn’t” but she knows that fun is starting, Queen of Pentacles is bringing her best china for the Cognac,  Queen of Wands is talking to the Queen of Swords “Oh relax a bit, don’t hold the world on you shoulders constantly, have a sip”, Queen of Swords agrees finally after a long negotiating, and starts to melt her strict appearance, they are singing, crying, laughing and dancing.
Next morning Queen of Wands is still in the some jazz club preparing to finally go home but with a few friends, “hey it’s weekend” she is saying.
Queen of Pentacles is tidying up her home, feeding her cats and birds, drinking some potions for hangover which she gave to all the Queens before they left, still filling tipsy and joyful.
Queen of Cups is at home, drank all the potion for the hangover and preparing for mediation and sleep with a warm feeling around her heart, asking herself that maybe she could get together with her friends more often.
And Queen of Swords is like, “Jeez, I really don’t know why are that bi**es soooo immature, that old hags…” with a smile coming on her left side of the lips, opening the doors of her big house, with no one in, sipping that potion and heading straight to bed.
Ija Nazor
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