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Libra-The Scales, In The Words of Steven & Jodie Forrest

Marriage & life partners and more important, astrologers Steven and Jodie Forrest wrote a wonderful book called “Skymates- Astrology of love, sex and intimacy” and here is what they got to say about sign of Libra.

Make sure you also check out their other books and works and support them 🙂

Libra - Zodiac Constellations Archival Art Print by sarahfrancesart on Etsy
Libra – Zodiac Constellations Archival Art Print by sarahfrancesart


Libra the Scales 

(September 24 through October 23)



  • The Lover
  • The Artist
  • The Peacemaker
  • The Diplomat
  • The Host/Hostess


Developmental Aim

Serenity – that’s Libra’s aim. The Scales symbolize balance. Equilibrium. Underlying every healthy Libran action is the effort-conscious or unconscious- simply to calm down. Releasing tension, finding the middle ground, smoothing ruffled feathers, the Scales move step-by-step toward their goal: the attainment of unflappable peace.


Strategies and resources

A cynic has a rigid view of the world: everyone is looking out for himself, no matter what kind of philosophical masks that person might use to disguise his selfishness. Faced with an act of pure altruistic charity, that cynic is first confused, then struggles to force that perception into his bitter view of life. So hooked is he on his dark picture of human motivation that charity makes him nervous and pushes him into a frenzy of rationalization.

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Another person is determined that every event, however agonizing, has a purpose and is ultimately a lesson. Faced with the brutal murder of a friend’s daughter, this more “spiritual” person feels a sense of strain very similar to what the cynic felt in the first instance. The effort to squeeze the murder into more prosaic model of life doesn’t work that well either. Once again, the muscles of the face become tense. The mind whirs into high-gear rationalization.  And a feeling of struggle overwhelms the psyche.

Truth is always complex, always paradoxical. Any effort to cling to simplifications or to defend them against reality always results in stress. And stress is the antithesis of Libra’s developmental aim. As a result, Libra is given a powerful resource: a high tolerance for paradox and ambiguity. The Scales weigh both sides of every issue. They seek the middle ground and find their balance there.

Beauty soothes us too. We are surprised by a lovely sunset. We sigh. We release tension. Cultivating the aesthetic side of life is therefore a Libran strategy, either passively as an appreciator or actively as a creator of art.

Interpersonal tensions-fights with our mate, for example- are extraordinary stressful. Libra has strategy in this area as well: it’s courtesy. That can be a pale word, but as we use it here, we don’t mean the “courteous” ability to discern which fork is the salad fork. Courtesy is the ability to gauge our actions partly by a sense of how they impact upon another person-and Libra has that ability in abundance.

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The Libran shadow, as in the case with dark sides of all the signs, is nothing but a distortion of the Scales’ normal strategies and resources. Libra’s tolerance for ambiguity can be corrupted into mere wishy-washiness and indecisions. The sign’s aesthetic sensitivity can descend into glossy tackiness. Courtesy can collapse into shallow slickness and an inability to face real conflicts squarely. Paradoxically, all these perversions of the Libran nature lead directly to increased levels of tension. In other words, they do worse than merely subvert the healthy strategies; they work actively in the opposite direction.



Libra in LOVE

To medieval astrologers, Libra was “the sign of marriage.” In a symbolic sense that’s still true today. In Libra we find the principle of balance, of two very different entities coming into a principle of balance, of two very different entities coming into state of equilibrium with each other: an effective symbol for the spirit of healthy marriage and commitment in general. Each one of the twelve signs functions in relationship and is drawn to some extent into a relationship. But for no sign is intimacy such a fundamental evolutionary proving ground. Libra needs the challenges and pitfalls of love; as nothing else does, they accelerate this sign’s growth.

❦ I hope we can always, always be together, you know? ❦

In intimacy Libra requires courtesy and emotional delicacy from the partner. There is a refined sensibility here; coarse jokes and pats on the fanny just won’t fly Libran airspace. For Libra intimacy is an art. It must be approached with grace, with the senses open, with awareness in every move. A clean shirt is a great help. So is a thorough grasp of the spirit behind the penchant for grace: Libra is no social drill sergeant. Stiff, formulaic “correctness” is not the point; rather, it is courtesy in the true and deep sense. That is, the art of gracefully minimizing the inevitable frictions that arise whenever two human egos are put in the small box.

The Scales must beware of going too far in the direction of smoothing out life’s inevitable social wrinkles. The risk here lies in so thoroughly understanding and internalizing another person’s needs.  Libra can create the appearance of blissful harmony in a relationship, only to realize his or her true individuality has been completely submerged  behind a false mask or sweetness, patience and acquiescence.

"I miss you so fucking much, B."



©  Steven Forrest & Jodie Forrest, quote taken from ” Skymates, The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy, published by ACS Publications, 1989

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