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💕 Best Libra themed gifts 💕

  1.  💕 Libra zodiac bracelet (opens in new window)   


2. 💕 Dog Tag Libra necklace 💕


3. 💕 Libra Neon Light Sign 💕


4. 💕  Libra Zodiac Sun Sign Magic Color Change Ceramic Coffee Mug 


5. 💕 Libra Zodiac Sign Embroidered Iron Sew on Patch Badge 


6.  💕 Libra scales Pendant with ancient carvings 💕




8. 💕  Libra Leather Wrist Watch 


9. 💕 Libra shoulder bag 


10. 💕 Car Sticker Zodiac sign Libra 

11. 💕 Bathroom Shower Curtain 


12. 💕 Bronze Zodiac bookmark with antique look 💕


13. 💕  The Zodiac Image Handbook: Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn




Finished in Moon hour on Jupiter day.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13 so we will finish this post with that number 🙂


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