Demistifying “Club 27”

So, y’all know about singers, actors, and all kinds of rock stars dying at the age of 27.

As a matter of fact, it became so frequent that people, of course, have done what they do best – built a myth around it.

It became so popular, there is even a Wikipedia page about it. People wrote novels, shot films and curated exhibitions on that subject.

People have speculated, done their researches, polls, studies, but nothing have really helped solve the mystery. They got answers like, «that’s not true, the most frequent age of  death of an artist is 56» , or «they also die at 25..» and so on.

age death

But they missed the point.
It’s not the number 27, it’s what happens with people around the age of 27.

Luckily, as we are approaching the Age of Aquarius, we are finally able to get out of our fearfully blind hearts, turn on our minds and get some real answers through the beautiful patterns of nature and universe. (Astrology, I mean.)


So what’s the fuss? What’s the big mystery about those people dying at 27?

Saturn Return, of course.

Saturn return is all about growing up and getting your shit together. If you have worked hard and fair, steady and slow, Saturnian style, Saturn return shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. ( I mean, it should, it always is, but not as much as if you haven’t.)

If you have partied hard, sex drugs and rock’n’roll, Saturn return will turn out bad for you. It will come, and say «That’s enough. Time for hard work.» Anything you did in between your Saturn square Saturn transit (around 20-21 years old) and your Saturn conjunct Saturn transit (Saturn return) will come back at you.

Saturn return is a time in our lives where our integrity gets re-evaluated. A time in our lives where we need to check if we are building a firm future for ourselves. Where the Professor, once again, slides next to our seats and glances on our exam too see if we’re on a good way.  Maybe we’re not, maybe we got all the answers wrong – then he’ll be all like “Dude, all wrong, you gotta do it all over again.”

It’s not hard to imagine a rock star in that chair ripping off the exam paper, throwing the desk and leaving the classroom loudly.

Well, that’s pretty much Death at the age of 27.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 21.22.46

Now don’t get confused because all of them became famous and worked hard, because they were great artists and people – it doesn’t matter. When your Saturn return comes, all he really is asking from you is to slow down. But living a fast paced life like those artists did, they don’t really want to slow down. It was good for them up until now! They did such wonderful things! And now something comes and asks me to slow down? No way.

It’s not a conscious decision for everyone – some of them got a disease, which is another form of their revolt against Saturn, you know? Your body says slow down, but you don’t want to.  Kurt Cobain killed himself alright, but Dave Alexander died of pulmonary endema;  in the end it’s really the same. You can kill yourself with a gun or with your lifestyle. It’s basically your revolt against Saturn anyhow. Life or Death situation.

Now interesting thing is that they all died a little before their Saturn return. But who knows astrology and has traced their Saturn transits, he knows that you feel them way before the actual appliance.

Why is that? Well, because you won’t feel the pain and the pressure in the middle of Saturn transit. You will do so before. When you feel it coming.
If you are an extreme person, you are not going to give up climbing a mountain in the middle of it, right?  You will do so at the beginning, or you won’t at all.

With saturn transits, when you are in the middle of it, it means you already succeeded.
You started. Cause the hardest thing with Saturn transits is to start. Start whatever. That’s why you etiher do it or not. Either you go through it or you give up under the pressure straight away.


The funny thing is, the studies have shown that the highest frequency of death of musicians is at the age of 56.

So guess what happens approximately at the age of 56?

Second Saturn return.

The same as the preparing for the first Saturn return (at the age of 29) begins at the age of 27, the preparation for the second one (58) begins with the age of 56.

So here we go all over again – you survived your first Saturn return, but yanno, you’re never really free from Saturn’s glance and you will have to prove your maturity all over again.

In the meantime…

Have a good weekend 😉

*Please note that  those deaths are exceptions of extreme personalities. This post does not imply that anyone having their Saturn return will die. Also, there are circumstances in life we have absolute no control over, so please do not feel offended by this post if something is happening to you during your Saturn cycles you can’t control. This post is only a simplified scheme of the principles of the Saturn cycles.


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