Neptune – a whirlpool of energies


Every time I start a critical commentary on a Neptunian, suddenly a wave of empathy ovewhelms me and I think to myself,  with eyes half closed and warmth in my heart;  «Oh, but it’s not their fault..»

That’s the power of Neptune.

Empathy, forgiveness. Love. Understanding. Soulful connection. Even when you think of Neptune, or a Neptunian*, you feel empathy and bliss. That’s how they affect us. That’s why you can’t get them out of your head/life once they are in. Like an addiction. You can’t blame them, you forgive them again and again, because you know it’s not their fault. Or is it..?

OK, Let’s just get forward to how it manifests on this earthly plane before we lose ourselves in the eternal forgiveness and a conclusion how it all doesn’t really matter.

Neptunians are very sensitive. You could say that they are out-of-this-world little angels, born to rescue and cleanse other poor souls. They see, feel, hear the universal connection between each of us, and between everything else. Now, that’s not an easy task. That is why probably they got that talent of forgetfulness – so they can bear it all. But soon enough, it turns into a vicious circle, which really could not function otherwise – they forget so they could forgive, and they forgive so that they can forget again – so it doesn’t hurt anymore.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 22.37.23.png

Neptune and 12th house matters are very, very hard to explain. That is  one of its characteristics, because those are all the things we know, but we don’t know how.

“What’s  intuition? It is the capability of knowing without sensing.” Without reading the information with your senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste.

Neptunians are all about intuition, and the reason why everything is so overwhelming for them sometimes, especially in relationships, is because they can’t explain why they know something.

It drives earth and air signs insane.
So you can imagine the hardship inside a Neptunian person with both earth and air placements. The battle of “I know, but how do I know?”
They of course, once they start creating, make amazing artists because of this trait.

A dear friend of mine, Sun + Stellium in 12th, once explained it to me so beautifully:

«12th house is house of humanity, of everknowing, of the absolute comprehension. It’s not the 11th house that’s the house of comprehending, it’s the 12th.

I know everything, the vision is so clear, I can’t even put it to words.

It’s coming to me, from all sides, and it overwhelms you so much, you don’t have the energy to write it down. You can only exist and know it, and live it.»

They see, but they can’t talk about it.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 22.11.10


Now, that can still seem reasonable, but the problem is, what happens when it goes over the top?

You know the people who don’t want to throw anything away, so they keep it, and after a year, or ten, they have a house full of old stuff they don’t need?

I had a chance of meeting someone like that this fall.

She had this beautiful house up the hill, surrounded by lots of flowers in a big garden.

She had lots of nice vases, old pictures in her living room, a cabinet dating from 1930s…two of them, actually..

Antique chairs, and the new ones, too..

And some toothbrushes from ten years ago… and toothpastes too..

I opened a bathroom cabinet, there was a whole drawer with used Q-tips.

In the fridge, I was giggling like a small kid when I saw how many packs of ice creams she had – I thought, “Oh, sweet X, she likes candy so much!”

But as I looked closer, I realised that the pile of ice creams is really a pile of empty ice cream packs. Old as your mum.

Guess where X’s Sun is? In the Twelfth house.

Later on, when I asked where her garden was, (turned out every neighbour of the house has one in a row) she showed me the last one – by then, I wasn’t even surprised when I saw knee-high grass, broken plastic chairs sunk into the neglected ground.

I was surprised it was there – I haven’t actually noticed it before, it was so overgrown you couldn’t even tell it’s a part of the gardens line.

Now, the real problem is that it’s never just on the outside, whatever it is.

The same state may be in their minds, their souls and their hearts.


Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 21.41.24

You may read somewhere that Neptunians don’t have a filter – yeah, but what does that really mean?

It means once they collect something, be it an antique vase, a bag of used Q-tips, or a feeling of resentment for someone – they don’t know can they, or even worse, should they throw it out.

That is also why Neptune is connected to isolation – cause in isolation, they are saved. They are saved because in complete isolation, be it a monastery, a lighthouse island or a hospital, they are somewhat protected from too many different energies entering their system that would ultimately confuse or hurt them.

Neptune gives tremendous potential for spiritual growth; it transcends you to another level of comprehension, so spiritually aware Neptunians have to retreat so they are not to be disturbed with energies that will interfere with their process of exaltation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 21.34.20

You also read about blindness, vagueness, illusion with Neptune. Wtf is that all about? My friend would feel ofended when I would talk about Neptunian vagueness, beacuse he didn’t understand what does that vagueness stand for. It sounds like you’re trying to say Neptunians are plain stupid.

But the world is a bit more complicted than that, right?

Vagueness in Neptune stands for that lack of clearance what to get rid of, when and why.

They have so much empathy for everything around them, not just people, but things, places, and events. And it can be very painful for them.

It is very hard for them to let go,  cause letting go requires a certain amount of decisiveness, control over yourself and your emotions – to light that match and burn the pile. It is a huge decision. But they would rather keep the pile.. why burn it? “Who knows what’s inside. Maybe we should keep it!”

One reason why they are afraid to let it go cause they think it will haunt them,  feeling like they have no real control over anything. But with letting it loose, they end up being haunted anyway. It’s like they are thinking “I’ll keep maggots safe inside me so they cannot escape and wait for me around the corner.”

Maggots, are of course, a metaphor for negative energies of all kinds – memories and past events that pile up inside us, that we didn’t fully understand why and how they happened, what’s our part in them and how to deal with them; creating emotions all over again when we remember them. It is not easy to let them go, but if we don’t do so, it might not be good for us and our further personal growth.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 21.35.22

So the important thing during your Neptune transit, or if you have a strong Neptune influence in your Natal chart, is that you protect and cleanse yourself from the negative energies – practicing spirituality is the best form of protecting yourself. You can do it by meditating, praying, carrying protective stones, retrieving to nature, etc.

The other way of letting those energy go is of course, focused creativity – drawing, painting, singing, photography, writing, acting, dancing – whatever suits you.

( shh: The greatest artists and spiritual leaders have had a prominent Neptune :))


*Please note that when I say “Neptunian”, I mean anyone with personal planets or angles  in conjunction, square or opposition to Neptune, personal planet(s) in the 12th house, or in Pisces. 
Also, please note that every person is an individual and we all respond differently to given situations; this post merely depicts my vision of the principle of the manifesting energy of the planet Neptune.


Artwork by Henrik Aa. UldalenEmilio Villalba and Benjamin Björklund


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