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Tarot Trek vol.2 (Royal Edition)

Ok, in the last article we did the Major Arcana The Fool, HP and The Magician, now it’s turn for another Majors in the Starfleet uniform, this time we are doing royals, so let’s get started 🙂

Oh, yeah for those who haven’t been up to date, check here


The Empress

Who should take this role, I was thinking for a while.. Just like with the card of the Fool, I would put many characters from Star Trek in the Empress place.

“It’s Beverly’s smile, it’s her kindness, her beauty within and without.”
– Odan, 2367 (“The Host”)

But someone is just fitting in right in my sensibility – It is dr. Beverly Crusher.  She is a actual mother to annoying (just me, and my opinion, don’t get offended 😀 ) Wesley Crusher. She is a healer, nurturer.  The energy of The Empress combines understanding with wisdom, to provide the ultimate feminine energy.




Fun fact which is also very fitting to the theme of The Empress and dr. Crusher, is that in series dr. Crusher is born in October 13th, we connect Empress to the Libra and Venus.

She is known for her beauty and interesting relationships. But I wouldn’t like to reveal her romance in this text for all of those who haven’t’ yet watch TGN, but I will just say that is interesting 🙂



In the real life, Gates McFadden aka Crusher was actually the dancer before she started acting. She actually choreographed the movement for two films from the ’80s: the characters in the film The Dark Crystal (the creepy Skeksis? McFadden’s movement work) and the dance sequences in Labyrinth.

The role always finds its fitting persona, won’t you say 😉 ? We connect The Empress to the Arts, any form of arts, so dance is just one of them. Not to say in the series her nickname is Dancing doctor 🙂

Also, dr. Crusher was quite close to several members of the Enterprise crew. She was the only senior officer who customarily addressed the rest of the bridge crew by their first names.  Read more about Beverly here. She is just that motherly figure with creative impulses, the intellect, giving, sharing, compromise, beauty, love, compassion, maturity, sensuality.. Just like the Empress, I was thinking of putting Jean Luc as the Emperor, but I have a better position for him, altho he is a KING 😀 😉



Yeah, all of them captains, right? But…

My people taught me a man does not own land. He doesn’t own anything but the courage and loyalty in his heart. That’s where my power comes from.

You know who said that? Emperor? Yeah. Chakotay.

Well, let’s see..  “Chakotay was a 24th century Human Starfleet officer and former Maquis member, best known as first officer under Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the USS Voyager. Before serving as Voyager’s first officer, he had resigned from Starfleet after years of service in order to join the Maquis to defend his home colony against the Cardassians.

In 2371, while Starfleet and the Cardassians were trying to capture him in the Badlands, Chakotay and his Maquis crew were pulled 70,000 light years across the galaxy, deep into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker’s array and forced to merge with the crew of the Voyager during its seven-year journey”

His moral compass is impeccable some would say, even though he was actually in fight with Starfleet Federation with all that Maquis movement, his heart was in the right place. You know what they say, perception is in the eye of the beholder. He was a hero to all that people living peacefully on their colonies when those nasty Cardassians started to occupate their planets.




Federation is somewhat responsible for that, it was that old story with “greater good”, they gave this colonies to Cardassian Union, ofc, Cardassians said they will be fair to colonists,  but..  That was not a case, colonist were left on mercy of Cardassians.. And Cardassians and mercy don’t go well together. So they get united, called themselves Maquis and started to defend themselves. Alone. No help from Federation,  on contrary, Starfleet Command considered members of the Maquis to be traitors, while Cardassia considered the Maquis to be terrorists.

And this is where Chakotay gets in, he is a fighter for the freedom some would say.

At the age of fifteen, Chakotay entered Starfleet Academy, sponsored by Captain Sulu. Resigned to serve with Maquis, while trying to escape from a Cardassian warship in the Badlands, Chakotay and his crew, were transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker’s array. In an attempt to locate the disappeared Maquis ship, USS Voyager followed them into the Badlands, becoming trapped 70,000 light years away in the Delta Quadrant shortly after. And the whole other chapter begins for him, back in uniform serving as a first officer to captain. Janeway on USS Voyager.. There is a whole story with his crew Tuvok, B’Elanna etc, but I leave you to learn that alone.

Nevertheless, Chakotay is that Emperor, we connect Emperor to Aries and Scorpio, if you have ever seen Chakotay on the show and know juuust a little bit about those to signs you will see the connection. Not to mention the real life actor Robert Beltran is born on 19th of November he is Mars all over 🙂

Chakotay is very spiritual (Native American descent), that would explain that Jupiter in the Emperor 🙂



Authority, responsibility, reason, society, peace, experience, knowledge, strength, wisdom, stubbornness, maturity, protection, stability, will, leadership, taking action, competence all that keywords for emperor in Tarot can reply to our dear Chakotay here, wouldn’t you say ?


So this is it for royal Tarot Trek edition, stay tuned for more articles on Star Trek theme, but check out others too, we have everything, Tarot, Astrology, Spirituality, take your pick and enjoy in the Hermit Fool 🙂


Yours truly,

Ija Nazor










2 thoughts on “Tarot Trek vol.2 (Royal Edition)”

  1. Nice comparisons and symbolics! I actually didn’t know about dancing part and it made me smile hard 😀 Can’t wait to start re-watching Voyager as well…since boyfriend and I just finished Season 2 of NG and new doctor is not as close to heart as Beverly Crusher, but at least Wesley is getting less annoying by episode lol. Great work! Mwah!


    1. Ohh, you have 5 more seasons of TNG, enjoy them ❤ I would recommend DS9 and then Voyager, for the better timeline 🙂
      btw- spoiler alert- crusher will come back 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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