Tra$hcan: The seventh house

Ah, the seventh house. Ain’t nothing better during Mars in Scorpio than a little analysis of the other side of that shiny coin.

Seventh house, huh?

«Partnerships, relationships, justice» and all that jazz.

You know, if you know someone who has some action going on in their seventh house (personal planet/s or a stellium), you will probably notice their «I am so fair» attitude. They are little angels, right? I mean, they try so hard to be so nice all the time, they really do. Aspiring to not have any kind of conflicts in their lives, balancing everything, their nice relationships which they don’t ever forget to mention (even when you’re crying your guts out cause you’ve just been dumped like a piece of trash). They are super nice, and if, by any chance, some misfortune has happenede to them, it’s – how’d that happen? How’s it possible??

Who’s fault is it?

If you look closely, you’ll  notice that they are constantly looking for someone to blame.
They seem like they are yours forever, but as soon as you turn your head, they are flying to someone else, really. ‘Cause in the end, the mold is filled, you know? It doesn’t really matter if it’s gold or clay… They have that extra ass to keep them warm at night.

They are oh so loyal and faithful, but oops, can’t get that ex out of their head even though it’s been already 5 years and it was a highschool joke, and oops, you broke up for a weekend and s/he already hooked up with her rebound-darling-aka-unrequitable-love-that-doesn’t-want-anything-but-cheap-attention-from-her.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.53.14
Ah, yes, the seventh house.

That one friend that is furiously telling you how he broke up with her and doesn’t know what he will do, and there he is, a week after, smooching with his «OMG LOVE LIKE THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME» (of course he said that for the last one too even though you knew it was doomed) new birdie.

That partner that’s silently judging you because you have ever been in a relationship, but  oops s/he has been in 15, but “IT’S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.”

Oh, and the seventh housers who can’t keep their shit together when they see that ex in the corner.. wtf’s that all about? Are you seriously so hopeful s/he will notice the bambi-look on your face (or that “I still hate you”, for that matter.. emotion is an emotion.) and come knocking on your door in the middle of the night asking you for forgiveness? No? Then pull yourself together, your girlfriend (who’s still  next to you if you haven’t noticed, lucky bastard) is on the verge of tears over there.

Or she’s about to kick your ass, which makes us go cheerleading.


Get your shit together, seventh house.

Grow some Capricorn and all.


(The real moral of the story is, things are ever-changing and my fixed planets are super furious about that.)

Artwork by  Polly Nor 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ija Nazor says:

    haha, imagine, stellium with Sun in 7th in gemini ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. V. says:

    a fairy tale! or two..


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