The quest of the North Node


Too often when we check our charts by prognostic methods, we undermine the influence of the North Node.

The North node is actually a very powerful force.

Yes, we have very significant influences of the planets, but they are really somewhat servants of the north Node.
It leads the way.

(You can find more about the way where NN leads in your chart by looking up the sign and the house it resides in.)

Lets’s put it this way. It’s like you have a leader of an army who decides where the army is headed. And then again, you have powerful, strong individuals in the army. Yes, their force is undeniable and faith changing, but they are all doing what the leader wants , they are all going where he says.

The leader in this story would be the North Node, and the powerful soldiers are the planets.

Almost like Pluto, North Node is a powerful force, and the individuals with emphasized NN in their charts (conjunctions with [especially personal] planets or points in the chart) are somewhat magnetic. However, not exactly like Pluto, even though the effect is similar due to the intensity of the energy – Plutonian’s task  is to gain and maintain power, to rule, but the NN individual seems almost like an upgraded Plutonian – they are always on a quest for something more, they seem like they want to go step further, into the unknown. The real unknown, not the Plutonian „here I am, found your secrets, this ain’t unknown for me no more“ deep-soul-diving unknown, or the Neptunian „WTF is all this..what..I’ll never know, it will forever be unknown..“ unknown, or Jupiterian „What’s behind that tree? Let’s discover, let’s see, let’s explore!“, but the „I have to go to an unknown place. I will go through unknown to get there. Are you ready? Are you capable of going on that quest with me? Then follow me.“

It doesn’t force anyone, nor does it try to change anything or anyone, it just.. goes on a mission, of which goal he will find out only after he obtains it. And when it’s finished, there will be no applause, no ego-tripping, nor „if it wasn’t for my crew..“ or „the things I have learned, and sacrificed..“ stories. No nothing. Just a goal obtained. Think of Harry Potter!

He would definitely be a NN individual, on a brave quest for a higher goal. All the heroes from stories and myths, actually.

But let’s get back to our Earthly reality – the thing is, with NN, we always have this feeling of I need to do more – almost as we are never really achieving that goal, even if we actually are. We feel as we are only left with this urgent need to go for it. This is why it is so powerful  – cause you spend your whole life going for it, and you never really get that satisfaction of „I did it.“

Imagine that power! Of eternal attraction, without giving anything back.




For example, a Plutonian’s quest ends when they get what they want, when they gain power,  and then they start to repeat themselves and you can see the pattern in their behaviour, you can kind of sense their game, and when things go bad, there is a slight chance they may become what is considered today, erm, a  psycho bitch fighting with windmills. Sometimes, their goal becomes irrelevant, gets lost in the way of that power trip that turns them on, so they keep going for the process, for the fun of it.

With the NN, however, it seems like they almost have an improved Plutonian ability  to renew themselves, to regenerate, but to not forget themselves and their task. NN is something like Pluto, just without the dying part!

Like they really have a higher goal in their actions, in their lives, that they can’t abandon for some primitive sense-fulfilling or ego-tripping, in a brief moment they seem like it just makes no sense to fight with them, but just to follow them. Just when you thought you could put a finger on their actions, and call them this or that, label their personality be it positive or negative, they will climb that stair and fly away into the unknown, leaving you without a conclusion. But with an unexplainable pull to follow them.




So that is exactly what NN is in our charts – a leap into the unknown. Our path, given to us, that we must fulfill whether we like it or not. We can’t fight it, it doesn’t make sense; it’s a path simply to be followed without a thought.

Never winning, the NN individuals in their endless quest for that thing that you cannot see, are never distracted, always seeming so pure. Like that responsible 12-year-old older brother that says no to a „Let’s hit the cat with some rocks“ invitation from his peers cause he has to go home to put his baby brother to sleep so he can be on time for his first day of school tomorrow.

It’s not Saturn, doing the right, mature thing; it’s not Pluto, controlling one’s actions and surroundings, it’s not Neptune, doing noble deeds for the ones in need, nor is it inspired Jupiter following their intuition and moral, or Uranus rebelling against the majority and stupid ideas.

It’s the North Node, feeling that higher purpose, going for that higher goal that must be achieved.


More about North Node soon 🙂


Artwork by Jonathan Sauls


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