SUMMER SALE : -20% off on all astrological readings

Discount on all astrological readings starts today!

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-20% off on all readings


Every year Hermit Fool astrology gets a summer sale on all astrological readings.

  • If you’ve interested in finding out more about your personality and areas of life and have no prior experiences with astrology, my recommendation is to try out natal chart reading ($100.00 $80.00) that comes in both PDF & Audio format or in person
    Natal chart is a picture taken at the exact time and place of your birth and it carries a unique potential that describes your full potential, hopes, dreams but also it can tell a lot about possible blockages on the path and offer remedies to relieve them. Chart contains description of planets and their interactions through houses and themes of your life, it includes wide descriptions of Sabian and other symbols important in remembering our present and past and offers possible solutions to the problems. It comes in 50-80 pages in PDF, followed by series of pictures and art that I feel connects me to you.
  • If you have already done your natal chart, you can always order Solar return chart or Birthday chart that follows present situation and casts a chart that will be main theme of the year until your next birthday. Sun is at the very same position as in natal chart but with much different themes. It’s a great chart to order if you’re wondering about what this year may hide and what potential it hides, as well as things you should look out for in this year. ($80.00 $60.00). Comes in both PDF and audio format or in private.
  • Synastry charts/relationship dynamic chart using methods of synastry and other relationship chart methods such as Davison chart we are trying to determine how energies of two or more people work together. Synastry can be used to determine energies of romantic partnerships, but also family or business associates charts. Comes both in PDF or audio format or in private. ($100.00$80.00)
  • Specific question sessionIf you just want to focus on a specific issue, you can also schedule private sessions where we are focusing on exactly that question. PDF, Audio, private (depending on the question $50.00-$80.00  $30.00-$60.00)
  • Horary astrology reading $100.00$80.00 It answers a question asked and it’s focused on explaining that exact question using traditional astrology methods and main planets.
  • Fixed stars interpretation $50.00$30.00 Stars and constellations that cover your whole chart and most important planets. It comes with descriptions of stars, their legend and myth and their astrological influences over natus. Comes in both PDF, audio or private session.
  • Draconic chart $100.00$80.00 Draconic zodiac follows story of our Moon nodes and it’s often said it represents the “other us”, or the hidden us. Some astrologers believe Draconic chart speaks on our past lives, which is no wonder since it’s very connected to Moon and Moon nodes. Many of clients that saw their Draconic charts said those were the energies they usually associate themselves with. Dare to try it?


*Read this! Very important.

  • Time, date and place of birth required
  • If accurate time is not available a chart can be rectified or a more general chart may be used.
  • Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour, or as much as client can hold concentration for
  • Sessions can be in person, via Skype or e-mail. You don’t have to be present to have your chart read. You can also receive it through audio format or PDF.
  • Once received you can contact me with further questions or 24 hour notice required for cancellation. If you simply do not show up I charge 1/2 the fee of your session to compensate for my investment of time preparing your chart. 
  • I DO NOT and will not read charts of children younger than 12 years and even after 12 years under certain conditions.
  • I will NOT read charts of people that didn’t give their permission for their chart to be read unless in the sense of synastry and relationship dynamic.

All sessions are recorded and can be emailed or burned onto a CD for you.

For more information contact us through our inbox on Facebook page: HERMIT FOOL

or simply use this contact form below by describing service you need and using discount code: 20OFFNOW



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