Sun in the seventh house: Mirroring

If the Sun describes our conscious identity, Sun being placed in 7th house may describe people who learn about them true selves through their relationships with other people. 7th house of Libra had a primary traditional meaning of marriage and it was also known as Setting Pivot. Setting point and place of balance. In this house of Libra... Continue Reading →


💕 Best Libra themed gifts 💕

 💕 Libra zodiac bracelet (opens in new window)      2. 💕 Dog Tag Libra necklace 💕   3. 💕 Libra Neon Light Sign 💕   4. 💕  Libra Zodiac Sun Sign Magic Color Change Ceramic Coffee Mug    5. 💕 Libra Zodiac Sign Embroidered Iron Sew on Patch Badge    6.  💕 Libra scales Pendant with ancient carvings 💕   7.💕  LIBRA WALL ART POSTER PRINT    8. 💕  Libra Leather... Continue Reading →

Your relationship will fail and here is why

Relationships, romantic or friendship ones are failing in a quick rate. It's much harder to manage traditional views than ever. 21st century is like game of individuation. If you can keep your individuality inside a relationship, you may have a chance to succeed new age (not like newage)relationship. Many of the relationships around me keep... Continue Reading →

Libra-The Scales, In The Words of Steven & Jodie Forrest

Marriage & life partners and more important, astrologers Steven and Jodie Forrest wrote a wonderful book called "Skymates- Astrology of love, sex and intimacy" and here is what they got to say about sign of Libra. Make sure you also check out their other books and works and support them 🙂   Libra the Scales  (September 24 through October 23)... Continue Reading →

Skyreport: Post-eclipse results are here

Skies are grey, most planets are in Virgo, Mercury is NOT retrograde anymore.  All the personal planets and luminaries are currently in the sign of Virgo, leading us into a new season, giving us all the opposites of Pisces; lots of rain, water, emotions, cleaning, purging, releasing...Most of them are opposed to Neptune in Pisces, bringing it's impact through... Continue Reading →

Tra$hcan: Trends in spiritual world? Plutonians, Uranians, Empaths

Nothing pisses me off more than waking up in the morning. I have a chart ruler Mercury in conjunction to Moon and in square to Pluto. That alone should make me very Plutonic, but if I learned anything from these years of studying astrology, identifying with your aspects will bring you bad time.  Just the other day, I was working on scheduled... Continue Reading →

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