What is your element?

Ever thought about what element is the most dominant in your chart and the story behind it? It's one of the basic techniques to determine ones personality traits.


Numerology: Number 5 + movie list

Here's another numerology post. This time we have magical 5 🙂 Enjoy reading and don't forget to share!

Numerology: T H R E E (+movie list)


Here we are with another quick numerology post. Yesterday I mentioned how number one becameTwo in this post and today we’ll talk about three, because today is “Three” day.

(featured picture: The Three Sisters, s.d. // Max Beckmann, (German, 1884-1950) )

Three is number we often see, it is after all the fourth Fibonacci number and only prime triangular number in mathematics. Three is also atomic number of lithium in chemistry, which is one of the lightest metals and lightest solid element which is pretty interesting because astrology wise we have very light & airy sign of Gemini as third sign of Zodiac.

Even though now we have many theories that humans can see more than three dimensions, we for sure know that we can only perceive three. At least in this consciousness. Even our ability to distinguish colors is based on three cells in retina, so…

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This is the most disliked house in astrology

Traditionally this house had a pretty bad reputation. In modern times, we recognize it in much different themes.

Numerology: 6 + movie list

Here's another numerology post this time a hermaphrodite spirit of number six. Why? Read in the long read below with our another random movie list.

COSMIC FASHION REPORT: Properly dressed for astrology obsessed

Finally posting all those drafts 😀 Enjoy this little collection for us astrology obsessed and find your favorite piece 🙂

Aquarians, original punks!

Happy solar return to our fixed air friends – AQUARIUS ❤


In my head I’m trying to come up with how should I start this text. I was thinking something like: “So I’m a Leo…” and it just hit me how funny this is.

Of course Leo would start a sentence like that, especially Leo in Sun, Moon, Mercury and south moon node. A person with that many planets in Aquarius would probably never start a sentence in this way, putting themselves first, such as Leo does.

It’s really funny once you understand opposites / complementary signs. I can’t really remember when was the first time I ever met Aquarius, but it was not until after high school, when I started going out, meeting people, joining groups and courses.

Actually, joining a graffiti workshop, I’ve also met someone who became a very close friend of mine, who introduced me to astrology that had Aquarius moon, opposing my Leo moon. We became…

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