Scorpio: the good, the bad, the ugly

Throughout much of my life, I have met many Scorpios & went through a lot of Scorpio related themes in my life. Scorpio surely is one of the most fascinating signs judging from how many people that are Scorpios like to express their enthusiasm for being Scorpio. Sure Leo is the sign that generally revolves [...]


John Dee : |A magickal world of 29° Cancer |

If you're familiar with occult and magick you probably heard of  John  Dee, mathematician, astrologer, alchemist, occultist and mystic. John Dee was well known in the world of royal families and alchemy and astrology, more so he was personal astrologer for Queen Elizabeth I, and enjoyed signing his notes with '007' code. Yes, James Bond might be [...]

Astrology of porn, because fuck taboo, that’s why.

Porn has been here for a while. Actually, first known pornographic film was made by two pioneering Frenchmen Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner. Movie was actually not really hardcore pornography as we know it today, but it mostly consisted of a women stripping. Pornographic movies were widespread in the silent movie era of the 1920s, and were [...]

Lilit: Tamni mjesec / Waldemathov mjesec

Tamni mjesec Lilit možda je jedna od najintenzivnijih i najvažnijih priča o Lilit. Možete ju pronaći pod h58, navedena je kao hipoteza, nema matematičkog izračuna, dakle ovaj fenomen nije FIZIČKI već se odnosi na oblak prašine u tamnoj zoni Mjeseca. Tamni mjesec odnosi se na oblak prašine te opisuje najdublje dijelove ljudske psihe, potisnute stvari, ovaj [...]