Free Tarot Reading For August:Leo ♌

Hello Leo, August is the month you share with your mutable earth friend, Virgo. Some of you Leos had birthdays these past days, so this is my chance to wish you a happy and successful Solar return. Sun is back on it's place where it was on the time you were born and you're ready [...]


3 Reasons You Need Counseling Experience to Practice Astrology Well and 5 Counseling Skills Astrologers Can Develop Right Now

With the profession's (and clientele's) focus on personal improvement, astrologers today stand in for therapists much of the time. Even when we are not counseling clients as a practice, people generally reach out to astrologers for readings when they feel insecure about their position, abilities, judgment, and other aspects of their human experience. To feel [...]

My favourite Tarot spread – the 13

I made up this spread in the time when I didn't have an actual Tarot cards. I use to do readings, mostly for fun with Belot cards, but when I made this spread things kind of get pretty real. I was around 17 or 18, and all friends always asked me to open them cards [...]

When love is the shit that just hit the fan TAROT COMBINATIONS

  In this few examples I want to show the energy/emotion of the reading in different spreads. Sometimes the feeling in you is larger than words, and as they say "A picture is worth a thousand words". So here is also a visual boost to the explanation of the spreads. Note: this are just some [...]


For the year 2018., we, writers of Hermit Fool (Sofia, Vita and Ija) decided to give you guys a yearly forecast for your rising signs, sun signs and sprinkle all that with the petite but sweet Tarot report 🙂 In this article you can read predictions for Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Read also for Aries, Taurus [...]

Basic ethics of astrology or how not to damage your client and your reputation

There are many astrologers and even more mindsets present and each one is offering their own perspective on subjects. While some are more focused on humanistic and psychological approach, some are more focused on the financial part of the whole story. Some astrologers, especially in beginnings are very satisfied to be right usually giving out [...]

Expression of Heartache

There are few cards in Tarot that are bringing so much "negativity" at once. Like there is actually no "good" in them. Not to get all philosophical on what is good or what is bad, let's for a minute be down to earth, logical and realistic. Card Three of Swords really doesn't bring much joy [...]