Free Tarot Reading For August: Cancer ♋

Yet another quick tarot post for August, and this one is for Cancer <3.


Free Tarot reading for August: Gemini ♊

  My dear Gemini, here's a quick tarot reading for you, for the month of August. Summer is almost over and Mercury is stationing to go direct. So there are many reasons to smile Your tarot card for the month of August is Eight of Cups. A very watery and emotional card for airy Gemini. Let's see what's going on. [...]

Skyreport: Partial Solar Eclipse on 20° Cancer: Road Back Home

There is around 5 hours left until this years first summer time eclipse. You have probably been feeling lots of things by now, and many things that happened prior probably served as hints to what exactly is going on. Jupiter turned direct in Scorpio, our Venus switched signs and entered Virgo, sign of her fall. [...]

Skyreport: Post-eclipse results are here

Skies are grey, most planets are in Virgo, Mercury is NOT retrograde anymore.  All the personal planets and luminaries are currently in the sign of Virgo, leading us into a new season, giving us all the opposites of Pisces; lots of rain, water, emotions, cleaning, purging, releasing...Most of them are opposed to Neptune in Pisces, bringing it's impact through [...]

Trashcan: If creativity dies I die

  I'm sitting in my room, drinking beer and blessing chalice in hope it will inspire me to write, or give me something to do. All this heat and city depression is getting too much. Just the other week I was swimming in the sea, soaking up my feet and finding shells, and it was [...]

°Retrogradni Merkur i eklipsa u znaku Djevice°

Kao i svaki put, retrogradni Merkur nije ništa novo za nas, već smo postali imuni... 🙂 No ovaj retrogradni Merkur nije baš običan, on se ovija na mističnom 29° znaka Djevice, a prethodili su mu teški aspekti kao kvadrat Venere i Saturna, pa konjunkcija Saturna i Marsa na fiksnoj zvijezdi Antares, da bi naravno uslijedile [...]

Ponešto o eklipsama

Pomračine ili eklipse su fenomeni na nebu te jedan od najstarijih faktora predikcije u astrologiji zbog svog utjecaja na ljude. Kroz povijest smatrane su najmoćnijim fenomenom,a osobito ako su padale na mjesta važnih točaka u natalnim kartama kraljeva i država. Pravilo kaže,da na mjestima gdje pomračina bude vidljiva tamo se  događaju značajne stvari. Pošto je [...]