About Hermit Fool project

Hermit Fool project was started in 2014. by Sofia Miošek but was very soon turned into a group project of several people working and writing about subjects like astrology, tarot, psychology, philosophy, occult and all divinatory.

Original idea is to give educational services but also offer help to our clients in making things clear when fog is too high. There are no false promises, and all things are truly possible. There are many sources from which we can learn, all of them valuable, but in the end all the answers lie within.

Tarot by Ija Nazor

Astrology by Hermit Fool ; Sofia Miošek


What are some services we offer:

  • Tarot card readings
  • Natal chart reading
  • Solar return charts + secondary progressions
  • Sabian degree reading and workings
  • Advices and educational systems


If you wish to contact either of authors use this adresses:

Hermit Fool facebook page

or through e-mails: kristina.miosek@gmail.com


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