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Tarot ft. Astro Monthly Forecast + spread info

Play it safe and play it cool. This is the main premise for this period. Lot's of things are going to do some pressure on your well being. It is a great time to stay a bit under the radar and do your things accordingly, or righteous if you want. It is a great time [...]

Numerology: 9️⃣ N i N e 9️⃣ + movie list


Welcome to another numerology post. If you missed last one you can read it here.

Today we will talk about number nine (9). A very mysterious number that symbolizes humanitarians and offers unlimited possibilities. Number nine seems to have mysterious nature in mathematics too. For example any number we add to 9, eventually we will get that exact same number. For example:

9+3= 12 and 1+2=3, or 9+9= 18 and 1+8=9

We could go on an on. Similar thing happens when we try to do this:

9 x 5= 45 4+5=9, or9x7= 63…and 6+3 is again 9.

Nine is so amazing...not sure how this relates to Fibonacci sequence but I'm sticking it in here.

Nine of Swords - Impressionist Tarot by Arturo Picca - If you love Tarot, visit me at www.WhiteRabbit Tarot.com
Nine of Swords – Impressionist Tarot by Arturo Picca

Mysteries of number nine continues

  • Mysterious nature of this number continues it’s symbolic even through hypothetical planet Nine who’s gravitational influence could explain the abnormal orbits of a group of distant trans-Neptunian objects mostly…

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Sun conjunct Pluto: Push it to the limit

We all knew what's Capricorn season would be like and nobody believed 😛 Currently in the sky, dark lord Pluto conjunct Sun and Mercury in Capricorn preparing us for second eclipse this season. This time we're going through total lunar eclipse happening on 0° Leo on January 21st, 2019. But we're here to talk about [...]

Astro tea party 2.0

Pozivamo vas sve na drugi po redu #AstroTeaParty! Sve astrologe, zaljubljenike u astrologiju,mitologiju i zvijezde pozivamo da nam se pridruže ispijanju kave ili čaja i razgovoru o trenutnim važnim astrološkim tranzitima u prostoru BEKa ☕️☕️ 🌌Radionice su besplatne, a prijave obavezne radi ograničenog broja mjesta. 📒Što vam treba? Bilježnica, kemijska, malo pažnje i pristojno ponašanje. [...]

Numerology: S E V E N (+movie list)


William Somerset: I just don’t think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue.

David Mills: You’re no different. You’re no better.

William Somerset: I didn’t say I was different or better. I’m not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I mean, it’s easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life. It’s easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It’s easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work.”

(Se7en (1995))

Seven In Numerology 

When we meet number 7, we can see it is very introverted, focused on inner world and discovering it’s identity. More than discovering identity, with 7 active, we’re always questioning our identity over and over again

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Sun in Jyotish PT.2 with Stellar Deb


Dear Friends., I thank you all for liking my post.

In earlier part I gave the result of Sun in first,second and third houses as per its Nakshatras , Krittika, Uttarphalguni and Uttarasara.

Now I am giving you the effect of Sun in other houses.

Sun in 4 Lord of 4:

Realise ambition, purchase of property, land or gain through estate, inherits property. If afflicted, obstacles, troubles, difficulty in old age, blood pressure, loss of property.

Sun in 5 or lord of 5:

Gains through speculation, children, amusement, cinema etc. Difficulty during child birth, May go on journey to Forest region, intestinal disorder. If afflicted, loss, rivalry in courtship, difficulty through love affairs, and trouble with children. (5th house denotes children).

Sun in 6 or lord of 6 :

Not good for health, weaknesses, gain through service(if 11th house is also connected) , promotion, chemistry, medicine, hospital…

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