Coolest gifts for astrology & astronomy nerds (on budget too)

It all started with a vintage Zodiac cup Ija shared on Hermit Fool facebook page. It was the cup I saw long time ago on Pinterest and it was enchanting, so that got me to ebay of course and searching for similar cool things. So why not make my unproductive time productive and share with you... Continue Reading →



hijerofant (grč. ıεροφάντης: onaj koji otkriva svete stvari) Da, on je Hijerofant, on nije Papa, nije svećenik, nije pop i slično, iako se češće u žargonu tako kaže radi lakšeg izgovora i da se ne treba ulaziti baš u detalje što hijerofant znači. Čak je u nekim špilovima prikazivan kao svećenik kršćanski ili papa, no to je u... Continue Reading →

Astrology of opiates: Signs and their favorites

You know we like to break taboo so here are some generalized and pretty dumb post about Sun signs and their favorite choice of opiates. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it, but use it responsibly !   ARIES- Aries likes their alcohol, amphetamine, cocaine, xanax. Anything that can either speed them up or make them... Continue Reading →

John Dee : |A magickal world of 29° Cancer |

If you're familiar with occult and magick you probably heard of  John  Dee, mathematician, astrologer, alchemist, occultist and mystic. John Dee was well known in the world of royal families and alchemy and astrology, more so he was personal astrologer for Queen Elizabeth I, and enjoyed signing his notes with '007' code. Yes, James Bond might be... Continue Reading →

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