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Everything You Need to Know about Horary: The Gemini Science by Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam

Continuing education is important in any professional field, because change is constant. In my own life, I lived in an off-grid community called Slab City, and during my time there I lost many opportunities to do readings for people, especially tourists. They didn't have their birth times available. (If you come in between October and… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know about Horary: The Gemini Science by Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam

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My favourite Tarot spread – the 13

I made up this spread in the time when I didn't have an actual Tarot cards. I use to do readings, mostly for fun with Belot cards, but when I made this spread things kind of get pretty real. I was around 17 or 18, and all friends always asked me to open them cards… Continue reading My favourite Tarot spread – the 13


Ascendant decans and their faces, literally: A R I E S

Aries is sign ruled by Mars. Planet of action but also planet of sexuality. Older visual astrology post with collection of photos with Aries rising people. Enjoy your Thursday.


Here are the faces of people with Aries ascendant and their decans. Pictures speak more than thousand words.

Aries decan 1 rising, from 0 degree Aries to 10 degrees Aries

Image result for films joan collins Joan Collins, (00°Aries 05′)

Image result for samuel liddell Samuel Liddell, occultist (05° Aries 37′)

Image result for barbra streisand black and white Barbra Streisand, actress (08° Aries 22′)

Image result for heather locklear black and white Heather Locklear, actress (02° Aries 08′)

Aries decan 2 rising, from 10 Aries to 20 Aries

Image result for amy fisher Amy Fisher, (13 Aries 30′)

Image result for james dean James Dean, (12° Aries 13′)

Image result for louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong (18° Aries 36′)

Image result for heath ledger black and white Heath Ledger,  (12° Aries 51′)

Image result for helena roerich Helena Roerich,  (14° Aries 43′)

Aries decan 3, from 20 Aries to 30 Aries

Image result for penelope cruz black and white Penelope Cruz,  (28° Aries 47′)

Image result for shaquille o'neal black and white Shaquille O’Neal,  (25° Aries 45′)

Image result for charles jaynes Charles Jaynes,  (25° Aries 34′)

Image result for natalia correia Natalia Correia,(29° Aries 42′)

Image result for phil andros Phil Andros/Sam Steward, (29° Aries 10′)












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Kotač života

  Velika Arkana, Kolo Sreće, numerirana brojem 10, priča priču o fluktuaciji života, univerzuma, karme, promjenama, pobjedi i porazu o "ups and downs". Kolo Sreće se okreće i svakim okretajem donosi nešto novo određenoj točki u njemu. Možemo usporediti s astrološkom kartom i tranzitima i njihovim utjecajima na naše natalne postavke. Stalno se sve kreće,… Continue reading Kotač života



Today is #four day! #Saturn #Cancer #NorthMoonNode


 Featured image: Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Painting – Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse by Victor Vasnetsov


Four are the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air), four are the sides of the world (East, West, South and North). Four are the legs of the chair and four are the points in the square. And four are the seasons we know. 

Slikovni rezultat za four seasons painting Four Seasons painting – Alphonse Marie Mucha  Art Print

Four is the symbol of the material world and it’s the basics of the pyramid. It’s connected to practicality, stability and work.
Number four creates the biggest tension and it describes where we work hard and describes people who describe life as hard.
Four is the number of the “BUILDER”. And it’s connected to the nature of Saturn (restraint, control), Rahu or North moon node (connections, expansion), sign of Cancer (security) and Sun (self-realization).

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Numerology: T H R E E (+movie list)

Here we are with another quick numerology post. Yesterday I mentioned how number one became Two in this post and today we'll talk about three, because today is "Three" day. (featured picture: The Three Sisters, s.d. // Max Beckmann, (German, 1884-1950) ) Three is number we often see, it is after all the fourth Fibonacci number… Continue reading Numerology: T H R E E (+movie list)

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Numerology: T W O (+movie list)

Happy Two's day on Thursday. Today is TWO, meaning today is a good day for cooperation, teamwork and finding compromises inside relationship. Two is of the receptive nature and comes just after independent number one, which we connected to Aries/Mars energy in the past. In general world we can meet number two in lots of… Continue reading Numerology: T W O (+movie list)