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Studied astrology in CAE Zagreb (Center for Astrological studies) lead by Igor Ognjenović. By finishing courses on natal, progression methods, horary, karmic and many more courses I finally obtained my astrological certificate in 2016.

I’m very fond of hermetic methods and usually combine Jungian psychology and symbols. I am especially interested in researches of repeating patterns, degrees, and maybe some not that comfortable themes like tracking accidents or mishaps.



Offering astrological readings:

*Read this! Very important.

  • Time, date and place of birth required
  • If accurate time is not available a chart can be rectified or a more general chart may be used.
  • Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour, or as much as client can hold concentration for
  • Sessions can be in person, via Skype or e-mail. You don’t have to be present to have your chart read. You can also receive it through audio format or PDF.
  • Once received you can contact me with further questions or 24 hour notice required for cancellation. If you simply do not show up I charge 1/2 the fee of your session to compensate for my investment of time preparing your chart. 
  • I DO NOT and will not read charts of children younger than 12 years and even after 12 years under certain conditions.
  • I will NOT read charts of people that didn’t give their permission for their chart to be read unless in the sense of synastry and relationship dynamic.

All sessions are recorded and can be emailed or burned onto a CD for you.

  • Natal chart – $100.00 (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Natal chart + 1 year progressions and transits – 120$ (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Horary astrology- 100$ ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Synastry – relationship dynamic chart- 100$ ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Special focus (for existing clients only) -25.00$ for one question or half an hour session (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Fixed stars interpretation – $50.00 ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Draconic chart: $100.00 (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Classes and workshops ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)

In 2018. I started my own astrological workshops where I teach people, mostly about basics and techniques of astrology. We definitely learn more as we share more knowledge.

In the future I would love to continue my passion for writing and help others with magnificent tools astrology gives us.


Tarot:   Contact Ija on e-mail / 

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Experienced Tarot reader, working with RSW, Gypsy Cards, Renaissance Tarot, using your natal chart for deeper connection. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the Tarot practice, I offer Tarot reports, Tarot lessons and advices.

Fashion&Textile designer (near diploma), who is working in social networks marketing, with cognitive-behavioral psychology certification and always ready to multitask something else- preferably online.

My approach to the clients is holistic, therapeutic, empathic and honest. I don’t sugarcoat, only realistic and objective reports is what you can expect from me.

My life would be harder without music ( thank you Soulseek), my plants, learning  (books), peace and quiet, Netflix, Star Trek, mythology and small gheatreings with my nearest and dearest where I’m the cook.

My life goal is to live in green nature with some creek or river  near me, for 6 months, and for other 6 months to live by the sea. Also to have a horse, but not sure how to make all this work 😀

Astrological Cancer Sun, ASC Scorpio and Aquarius Moon, you can find me staring into the dark sky, with bright stars in the middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping and you can hear my nostalgic sighs and moans of overwhelming beauty and mystery with a feeling of melancholy that night sky gives me.

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