Rahu Ketu

Rahu and Ketu  are Lunar nodes. They are called shadow planets.  They move clock wise in Zodiac  Rahu Ketu stay one and half year in each sign. Rahu Ketu first give the result of planets which aspects them , then they give the result of the planets with whom they are conjoined , then the [...]


Step by step: How to read natal chart

Art of natal chart interpretation is wide and complex. Who ever said you will not need any private information from your client was lying. There is no way we can 100% say, Mars/Saturn conjunction in the seventh house, accident by a lover. Or similar to that, each life and therefore each natal chart is completely [...]

Worst & best synastry aspects: Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen

Moon hour, day of the Moon. I actually wanted to start an article talking about the best aspects regarding synastry but I think showing worst aspects will be much helpful than good ones. As Carl Jung says : "Meeting of two personalities is like a meeting of two chemical substances. If there's any reaction, both [...]