Sun as our true identity

Sun is our brightest star of all, crucial for keeping everything on Earth alive and that includes me, you, plants, animals and probably the rest of our closest solar system. Regardless of Sun not being the biggest and brightest star in the Universe, it's the most important for us, citizens of the Earth. This is why old astrologers &... Continue Reading →


Ciklus ženskih Venera: Venera u znaku Blizanaca

Ova je Venera vrlo dječačka, voli avanture i znatiželjna je. Njezin je izgled specifičan jer je Merkur koji vlada znakom Blizanca ima neodređeni spol - između muškog i ženskog. Tako da ćemo ovdje naći dosta širok spektar izgleda, raznih grana umjetnosti i hobija, a pogotovo ljepota koja je mentalna i gdje je više od svega... Continue Reading →

Sign of Gemini is perhaps sign that usually gets most hatred around astrology lover communities. Some because of bad relationship experiences, while others can't stand their curious chatty nature that never leaves shallow, light and airy environment.   This sign is airy, mutable and oscilating betweet male and female, but it's usually considered male.  This airy... Continue Reading →

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