Sun as our true identity

Sun is our brightest star of all, crucial for keeping everything on Earth alive and that includes me, you, plants, animals and probably the rest of our closest solar system. Regardless of Sun not being the biggest and brightest star in the Universe, it's the most important for us, citizens of the Earth. This is why old astrologers &... Continue Reading →


Leo the Lion in the words of Steven & Jodie Forrest

Famous astrologer and marriage partners Steven & Jodie Forrest wrote a wonderful book called Skymates: The Astrology of Sex and Intimacy and we will take one part of book and see what Forrest couple has to say about Leo.       Leo the Lion (July 23 (24) through August 23)   Archetype: The King/Queen The Performer The Clown The Child... Continue Reading →

Astrology of opiates: Signs and their favorites

You know we like to break taboo so here are some generalized and pretty dumb post about Sun signs and their favorite choice of opiates. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it, but use it responsibly !   ARIES- Aries likes their alcohol, amphetamine, cocaine, xanax. Anything that can either speed them up or make them... Continue Reading →

Sun in the Tenth house: King’s domain

Continuing our Sun in houses series, and this time somewhat faster since my internet is finally back and Universe is supporting my wish to write and work again. (or in skeptic language, bills are paid and internet company changed!) Last time we talked about Sun in The Eleventh House where we spoke about placement where native... Continue Reading →

Astrology of porn, because fuck taboo, that’s why.

Porn has been here for a while. Actually, first known pornographic film was made by two pioneering Frenchmen Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner. Movie was actually not really hardcore pornography as we know it today, but it mostly consisted of a women stripping. Pornographic movies were widespread in the silent movie era of the 1920s, and were... Continue Reading →

Lav i peta kuća

Svjetlo,kamera,akcija! Došli smo do petog znaka zodiaka,kralja džungle i fiksne vatre. Rawr! Ovaj znak je dakle vatreni,fiksan i muški te je znak kreiranja. Mogli bi reći da ovaj znak osvješćuje sebe kroz kreativnost i kreativno djelovanje. Pošto ovim znakom vlada Sunce,ono će nam u karti pokazati gdje se imamo potrebu kreativno izražavati da budemo dosljedni... Continue Reading →

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