Saturday mineral: L A P I S L A Z U L I

This mysteriously looking dark blue stone reflecting golden specks inside, carrying a name of the well known philosopher's stone is a deep blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone that has been prized and well-known since antiquity for it's intense color. Lapis lazuli was one of the most important trading material in the past and highly [...]


Friday mineral: J A D E

Friday ūüôā A day ruled by benefic planet¬†Venus. Even the name Friday is for goddess¬†Freya.¬†Anyway, another day -another mineral. This time another¬†green stone¬†but much different than emerald. It's¬†Jadeite, also known as Jade.¬† Axe heads made from jadeite quarried in northern Italy in the Neolithic era have been found across the British Isles. Many of them, [...]

Thursday mineral: E M E R A L D

Ah, emeralds. Beautiful green stones often seen in Queen Elizabeth II of England jewelry and other ornamental purposes. Queen Elizabeth is not the only royal lady who loves emerald, Queen Cleopatra is one of the earlier fans of this magical green stones. Okay, now that we seen it on others, let's see what informations I gathered around the internet about this [...]

Moonday mineral: S E L E N I T E

This beautiful and enchanting stone is actually one of the four variants of the mineral gypsum¬†, along with¬†desert rose, gypsum¬†flower and satin spar.¬†Sometimes these variants are grouped together and called¬†Selenite.¬†   Just like other forms of gypsum, it's composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (contains two molecules of water) and it's chemical formula is¬†CaSo4-2H2O.¬† Selenite is [...]

Mineral dana: Jantar

Jantar je neŇ°to Ň°to je teŇ°ko svrstati u minerale, ali ima nekih slińćnosti sa kristalima, a takońĎer ima i svoja metafizińćka svojstva. Jantar je fosilizirana smola crnogorińćnog drveta i potrebni su milijuni godina da bi se on formirao u svoju formu. Nazivaju ga joŇ° i ńáilibar Ň°to u prijevodu sa turskog od perzijskog znańći "¬†onaj [...]

Kristal dana : Arsenopirit

FeAsS, monoklinski sustav Opńáe informacije:¬† Pod nazivom¬†mistpuckel¬†ovaj mineral se spominje u gotovo svim srednjovjekovnim knjigama o rudarstvu : Agricola (1546.), Henckel (1725. ) , Wallerius (1747.,1753.) . Taj naziv, vjerojatno posljednji put, upotrijebio je Friedrich Katzer 1926. god. u svom kapitalnom djelu¬†Geologija Bosne i Hercegovine .¬† Na prisutnost arsena ne upuńáuje samo opńáeprihvańáeni naziv¬†arsenopirit ,¬†nego [...]