Tra$hcan: Trends in spiritual world? Plutonians, Uranians, Empaths

Nothing pisses me off more than waking up in the morning. I have a chart ruler Mercury in conjunction to Moon and in square to Pluto. That alone should make me very Plutonic, but if I learned anything from these years of studying astrology, identifying with your aspects will bring you bad time.  Just the other day, I was working on scheduled... Continue Reading →


Chariot and Sun in Cancer story

As we are entering the Cancer era, we are in Tarot language entering the time when we have to deal with our progress, self-discipline, willpower, the wise use of energy, self-control, emotions and sometimes use intelligent way to deal with lot's of melodramatic experiences, get out of subjective mode and see other paths for resolving the... Continue Reading →

Vϊ$ὺΔϟ Δ$ϯ℟ΘϟΘGϓ: ☉Sun conjunct ☌ Ascendant ☼

It's Sunday, day of Sun and currently while I'm typing this Sun is spending it's last days in sign of Gemini ♊ beofore it enters Cancer ♋ on June 21st.  Here's another strictly visual post 🙂 Enjoy!   Max Heindel-  ☉ ♌ , ☽ ♌, ♌ Rising -astrologer, founder of Rosicrucian Fellowship                        ... Continue Reading →

What astrology can and cannot do

If you like astrology, and want to find out more there are some things you need to know right away. Astrology is not magic. Astrology is a discipline that has been going on for centuries and centuries and has been misused millions of times, especially in this age. Nowadays we have millions of astrologers; on YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook. It... Continue Reading →

Ribe i dvanaesta kuća u astrologiji

Znak Riba koji obilježava kraj ciklusa od 12 znakova upravo je to kako zvuči - skup svih prethodnih znakova što znači da znak Riba sadrži sve informacije i osobine svih ostalih znakova. Tradicionalno ovim znakom vlada Jupiter,što ovom znaku donosi uzvišenost,duhovnost i pristup nekim višim znanjima. Neptun kao moderni vladar otežava definiranje ovog znaka. Javlja... Continue Reading →

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