Friday mineral: J A D E

Friday 🙂 A day ruled by benefic planet Venus. Even the name Friday is for goddess Freya. Anyway, another day -another mineral. This time another green stone but much different than emerald. It's Jadeite, also known as Jade.  Axe heads made from jadeite quarried in northern Italy in the Neolithic era have been found across the British Isles. Many of them, [...]



Pink Sahara in the sky; clouds are dunes of sand. I am watching shadows play right into my hand. Farewell, light of day. Sky, a painted desert rose slowly fades away..                                                 [...]


  Ima jedna stara, svima poznata: "Um caruje, snaga klade valja" A što bi bilo kad bi ujedinili um i snagu, dva u jedan,  kada bismo umno oblikovali snagu, snazi dali razloge i oblik, a umu moć i jačinu? E, onda bismo dobili neke natruhe o onome o čemu Velika Arkana Snaga priča. Numerirana brojem [...]