Car caruje

I došli smo do Velike Arkane Car, numerirane brojem 4, a ovo je njegova priča... On je Ovan i Škorpion, a planet Jupiter mu je vladajući, priča o disciplini o konkretizaciji i sprovođenju planova u djela. Car zna kako će iz ničega napraviti nešto, on se brine o egzistenciji njegovih bližnjih, on je "provajder", nije... Continue Reading →


Tarot Report 11th of April- 11th of May Things are weird!

Have you noticed all the weird emotions, situations and roller coasters that are spinning right in front of you these days?! Well, they won't stop so soon, so fasten your seat belt, the weird ride is taking the place!   The first card that I've pulled is Major Arcana- Strength reversed- that tell us more... Continue Reading →

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