Astrology of opiates: Signs and their favorites

You know we like to break taboo so here are some generalized and pretty dumb post about Sun signs and their favorite choice of opiates. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it, but use it responsibly !   ARIES- Aries likes their alcohol, amphetamine, cocaine, xanax. Anything that can either speed them up or make them... Continue Reading →


Chariot and Sun in Cancer story

As we are entering the Cancer era, we are in Tarot language entering the time when we have to deal with our progress, self-discipline, willpower, the wise use of energy, self-control, emotions and sometimes use intelligent way to deal with lot's of melodramatic experiences, get out of subjective mode and see other paths for resolving the... Continue Reading →

Sun In The Ninth House: Teach Me How To Shine

Sun, planet (star) that symbolises consciousness and awake state, and our most highest potential travels through houses of Zodiac and for some reason when we are born, is placed, just like the other planets in certain houses which represents in short areas of our lives. When Sun goes to ninth house it is concerned with... Continue Reading →

Ciklus ženskih Venera: Venera u znaku Strijelca

Venera koja prije svega cijeni slobodu, bori se za toleranciju, viši smisao, religiju, znanost, školstvo. U znaku Strijelca koji je promjenjivi, vatreni i muški te ga vode uzvišene vizije i opisuje ga ekspanzija, bilo to u smislu zakona, politike, glazbe, filozofije života i slično. Venera u ovome znaku dati će nešto karakteristično vezano uz strane... Continue Reading →

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