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Sun sign astrology and Guinness world records

Any record set on your birthday? This post is purely for fun but it is a sort of "sun sign" research. Enjoy ❤ - Sofia

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Numerology: E i g h t (+movie list)

Number eight important in numerology, but as well it's a second most magical number in nuclear physics. In particle physics, the eightfold way is used to classify sub-atomic particles. In astronomy, Messier object M8, a magnitude 5.0 nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius. The New General Catalogue object NGC 8, a double star in the… Continue reading Numerology: E i g h t (+movie list)

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Yearly Forecast/ Astrology&Tarot (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius)

For the year 2018., we, writers of Hermit Fool (Sofia, Vita and Ija) decided to give you guys a yearly forecast for your rising signs, sun signs and sprinkle all that with the petite but sweet Tarot report 🙂 In this article you can read predictions for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. Read also for Aries, Taurus and… Continue reading Yearly Forecast/ Astrology&Tarot (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius)

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Friday mineral: J A D E

Friday 🙂 A day ruled by benefic planet Venus. Even the name Friday is for goddess Freya. Anyway, another day -another mineral. This time another green stone but much different than emerald. It's Jadeite, also known as Jade.  Axe heads made from jadeite quarried in northern Italy in the Neolithic era have been found across the British Isles. Many of them,… Continue reading Friday mineral: J A D E

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Tuesday Mineral: B L O O D S T O N E

Tuesday is Mars day and Mars is connected to energy, blood, weapons, war and violence traditionally it's malefic so it doesn't really have some interesting symbols, but in modern times Mars is also connected to sexuality, especially active principle of sexuality, to our desires and urges. Mars is very instinctive so on Tuesdays, we can't… Continue reading Tuesday Mineral: B L O O D S T O N E

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Moonday mineral: S E L E N I T E

This beautiful and enchanting stone is actually one of the four variants of the mineral gypsum , along with desert rose, gypsum flower and satin spar. Sometimes these variants are grouped together and called Selenite.    Just like other forms of gypsum, it's composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (contains two molecules of water) and it's chemical formula is CaSo4-2H2O.  Selenite is… Continue reading Moonday mineral: S E L E N I T E

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Scorpio: the good, the bad, the ugly

Throughout much of my life, I have met many Scorpios & went through a lot of Scorpio related themes in my life. Scorpio surely is one of the most fascinating signs judging from how many people that are Scorpios like to express their enthusiasm for being Scorpio. Sure Leo is the sign that generally revolves… Continue reading Scorpio: the good, the bad, the ugly