Sun in the eighth house: Lux ex tenebris

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. - John 1:5 A Bible quote that really resonates with Sun in eighth house of astrology. Sun as light in the underworld of Hades is something really special. We all know how complicated eighth house is, and how little constructive things we... Continue Reading →


What astrology can and cannot do

If you like astrology, and want to find out more there are some things you need to know right away. Astrology is not magic. Astrology is a discipline that has been going on for centuries and centuries and has been misused millions of times, especially in this age. Nowadays we have millions of astrologers; on YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook. It... Continue Reading →

Learning time: Astrological dictionary

Here are some of the important points in astrology and their meanings, simplified. Air : one of the four elements, air symbolizes alertness, clarity of perception, intelligence and spontaneous actions. Angle: Cusp of the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses: either ened of the horizon meridian The Arc of Intimacy: Houses five, six, seven and eight, whose planets... Continue Reading →

Ciklus ženskih Venera: Venera u znaku Strijelca

Venera koja prije svega cijeni slobodu, bori se za toleranciju, viši smisao, religiju, znanost, školstvo. U znaku Strijelca koji je promjenjivi, vatreni i muški te ga vode uzvišene vizije i opisuje ga ekspanzija, bilo to u smislu zakona, politike, glazbe, filozofije života i slično. Venera u ovome znaku dati će nešto karakteristično vezano uz strane... Continue Reading →

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