Skyreport: Post-eclipse results are here

Skies are grey, most planets are in Virgo, Mercury is NOT retrograde anymore.  All the personal planets and luminaries are currently in the sign of Virgo, leading us into a new season, giving us all the opposites of Pisces; lots of rain, water, emotions, cleaning, purging, releasing...Most of them are opposed to Neptune in Pisces, bringing it's impact through... Continue Reading →


Sky report: Healing & Building Firm Foundations In Relationships

It's been a while since I wrote anything. Venus turned retrograde, trining my Sun, Moon, South Node and eventually Mercury and left me without one thing I considered valuable - my internet connection. It also gave me a chance to listen to some old audio courses from astrology and tarot so my time was not... Continue Reading →

Sky report: Venus goes retrograde 2017

Venus, lesser benefic, planet of love, beauty, relationships and feelings just went through ups and downs with exaltation and detriment. From Pisces to Aries, and now again in the time of her retrograde state she will be switching signs from Aries (detriment) to Pisces (exaltation). It could almost be described with the feelings on drugs... Continue Reading →

Sky report January 2017: I hope you like surfing because here comes that wave

It's not been a long time ago when we rode waves of pain and learning in November, and just when we got a chance to recover and rejuvenate, new wave is approaching and we better be ready to face it. Lots of things has changed. Sun entered Aquarius, Venus in exalted in Pisces but conjoined... Continue Reading →

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