Cosmic Tunes: VanJess ♉︎ & ♐︎ sisters

One of my Sabian symbols describes me as person who sees others in symbols. This is very true, but I also see symbols in art and pretty much everything around me. It's like an itch that goes away once I complete it. So there was an itch to share what my mind explores through music [...]


💕 Best Libra themed gifts 💕

 💕 Libra zodiac bracelet (opens in new window)      2. 💕 Dog Tag Libra necklace 💕   3. 💕 Libra Neon Light Sign 💕   4. 💕  Libra Zodiac Sun Sign Magic Color Change Ceramic Coffee Mug    5. 💕 Libra Zodiac Sign Embroidered Iron Sew on Patch Badge    6.  💕 Libra scales Pendant with ancient carvings 💕   7.💕  LIBRA WALL ART POSTER PRINT    8. 💕  Libra Leather [...]

Sky report: Healing & Building Firm Foundations In Relationships

It's been a while since I wrote anything. Venus turned retrograde, trining my Sun, Moon, South Node and eventually Mercury and left me without one thing I considered valuable - my internet connection. It also gave me a chance to listen to some old audio courses from astrology and tarot so my time was not [...]

Tajne zadnjih i prvih stupnjeva u astrologiji

O ovoj se temi na internetu,pa čak niti u knjigama ne može naći puno informacija. Možemo slobodno reći da se radi o jednom misteriju od kojeg se stvaraju razne teorije. I dok neki govore kako su ovi stupnjevi (barem oni zadnji) loši jer im je vladar dekana vrlo često Saturn,drugi govore kako su ovo stupnjevi [...]