Queens be like…

For those who are following our FB page,  this topic may be familiar. I have wrote few posts about Queens in Tarot, in a sense like they are living creatures in their environment. In Tarot readings Court cards may cause some difficulties when we are explaining them. Sometimes they can be connected to a specific... Continue Reading →



hijerofant (grč. ıεροφάντης: onaj koji otkriva svete stvari) Da, on je Hijerofant, on nije Papa, nije svećenik, nije pop i slično, iako se češće u žargonu tako kaže radi lakšeg izgovora i da se ne treba ulaziti baš u detalje što hijerofant znači. Čak je u nekim špilovima prikazivan kao svećenik kršćanski ili papa, no to je u... Continue Reading →

Chariot and Sun in Cancer story

As we are entering the Cancer era, we are in Tarot language entering the time when we have to deal with our progress, self-discipline, willpower, the wise use of energy, self-control, emotions and sometimes use intelligent way to deal with lot's of melodramatic experiences, get out of subjective mode and see other paths for resolving the... Continue Reading →

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