Sun in the eighth house: Lux ex tenebris

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. - John 1:5 A Bible quote that really resonates with Sun in eighth house of astrology. Sun as light in the underworld of Hades is something really special. We all know how complicated eighth house is, and how little constructive things we... Continue Reading →


Sun In The Ninth House: Teach Me How To Shine

Sun, planet (star) that symbolises consciousness and awake state, and our most highest potential travels through houses of Zodiac and for some reason when we are born, is placed, just like the other planets in certain houses which represents in short areas of our lives. When Sun goes to ninth house it is concerned with... Continue Reading →

Sun in the Tenth house: King’s domain

Continuing our Sun in houses series, and this time somewhat faster since my internet is finally back and Universe is supporting my wish to write and work again. (or in skeptic language, bills are paid and internet company changed!) Last time we talked about Sun in The Eleventh House where we spoke about placement where native... Continue Reading →

Vox populi, vox Dei: Vita Larvo

Mlada zagrebačka umjetnica Vita Larvo  napravila je izložbu serije fotografija pod nazivom "Venera u Škorpionu"  koja se održala u ugodnom prostoru Brvnare, a cijelu je atmosferu začinio bend Sfumato koji je dodatno pojačao intenzitet izložbe, pa i pomalo  rasplesao  posjetitelje. Imala sam prilike razgovarati sa Vitom te saznati nešto više o ovoj zanimljivoj i neobičnoj seriji dvanaest fotografija ljudi... Continue Reading →

Learning time: Astrological houses

Astrological houses are somewhat like stations where planets move, they describe certain themes as parts of natus life.   First house  Correspodents to the sign of Aries, therefore it has cardinal nature and it's one of the most important houses in the whole chart. It's because first house is naturally known as Ascendant ; rising... Continue Reading →

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